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Comment: Re:BT's Heavy User package (Score 1) 229 229

That's a heavy user?! It must be, what, 20GB of bandwidth!

I use around 100gb a month without doing anything major. Freedom2surf is a good ISP (or maybe just my legacy connection from when it was an independent ISP, I gather that new subscribers use rebranded Tiscali service..).

Comment: Re:Smart move (Score 3, Informative) 317 317

Something similar that made me laugh:

For most of its history, the band chose to stay away from the political realm. However, in 2004, upon learning that George W. Bush's presidential campaign was using "Times Like These" at rallies, Grohl decided to lend his public support to John Kerry's campaign. Grohl attended several Kerry rallies and occasionally performed solo acoustic sets. The entire band eventually joined Grohl for a performance in Arizona coinciding with one of the presidential debates.

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