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Experience System, New Maps Coming To Gears of War 2 11

Gamespot reports that Gears of War 2 will soon be getting a new experience system to facilitate multiplayer progression. Epic's Rod Ferguson had this to say: "Basically, it was a matter of listening to what people were saying about the TrueSkill system. We spent a lot of time on the forums and talking with other players, and we were noticing that people were sort of plateauing really quickly. ... So to remedy the issues, we figured we should impose a system where people could earn experience; even if they lost the match they would feel like they're moving up the ladder. We want them to feel like they're progressing, gaining levels of experience in multiplayer play." Gears of War 2 will also be getting a new set of maps, including Fuel Depot, a popular selection from the first game.

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