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Comment: Re:Gay? (Score 3, Insightful) 764

by Skeptical1 (#48274253) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"
Proud != !Ashamed , common misconception. The word "proud" should be reserved for something positive that one has accomplished, not something that one just is. He isn't and shouldn't be ashamed either. He could perhaps be proud of coming out if it took some courage or there was some barrier to overcome, but that barrier has been getting lower and lower.

Comment: Egocentricity - anyone? (Score 1) 1147

by Skeptical1 (#27287425) Attached to: Ballmer Scorns Apple As a $500 Logo
EVERYBODY...Get some data. Use statistics. Gamers, businesses, e-mailers, surfers, hobbyists, etc all have different weightings for their various needs. It is just dumb (although I 'spose it can be fun) to spout your own anecdotal evidence as if your needs are the most common - when you know they are not! Now for my anecdote ;-) I am an engineer - I work with Windows at work. The company needs to sell to people who use it. I put my mother-in-law on Linux with KDE (inexpensive) - after nightmarish maintenance problems with Windows. She's a very light user, doesn't even have the root password. I have an iMac at home, also low maintenance - looks good upstairs, attention to detail in all aspects including recyclability. Recyclability is important (to all of us) because if you buy a new PC most of the stuff in it seems to need upgrading around the same time-which is more expensive than a new one.

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