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Comment Seen this technology before! (Score 2) 137

Danilo Odell: Yeah, what the hell was that thing?
Lieutenant Worf: Automated fire system. A force field contains the flame until the remaining oxygen has been consumed.
Danilo Odell: Ah, yeah, w-what if I had been under that thing?
Lieutenant Worf: You would have been standing in the fire.
Danilo Odell: Yeah, well, leaving that aside for the moment, I mean, what would have happened to me?
Lieutenant Worf: You would have suffocated and died.
Danilo Odell: Ye-ah, sweet mercy.

Comment The Emporium! (Score 0, Troll) 228

Lovers of classical music usually take their horseless carriage to a convenient local musical emporium. A variety of cylinders are available for the various gramophones on the market. Please note that one does not actually purchase the cylinder -- one instead purchases the right to play the cylinder under certain circumstances, as laid out in the license agreement that accompanies it.

Comment Re:You're doing it wrong! (Score 1) 578

There are companies that do this professionally. It generally requires a clean room, although perhaps not as good as one required for other purposes. Also, if he has the equipment to read a platter himself (which I strongly doubt), writing should be just one more step -- mounting a write head.

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