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Comment: And do they guarentee in writing that the data is. (Score 1) 64

by SirGeek (#47298131) Attached to: New Sensors Will Scoop Up "Big Data" On Chicago

... totally anonymous ?

How do you know that city employees are lying ? Their lips are moving :-\

and do they ensure that data won't be aggregated (i.e. Cellphone xxx-yyy-zzzz is anonymized at EVERY tower using a different encryption me key so that they can't look at the city and correlate that Cellphone xxx-yyy-zzzz was here, and here, and here, etc... ?

Comment: Re:No, we don't (Score 2) 309

by SirGeek (#47221635) Attached to: Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

I thought that was what Java was "supposed" to be. Write Once, Run anywhere ?

Oh yeah.. That's right... 99% of programmers ONLY write for their target... Use libraries designed for their preferred target and can't even bother to test the damned thing...

And I've been programming around 33 years (As a professional for about 25) so just a "little" familiar with what happens because of "I have this Tool (hammer) so every problem must be solved with it (everything = nail).

Comment: Re:False comparison (Score 2) 339

by SirGeek (#47123021) Attached to: The Energy Saved By Ditching DVDs Could Power 200,000 Homes

That is one thing they're NOT talking about. Companies are trying to push people away from all concepts of ownership.

They want you to rent:

  • Books (Why the push to more electronic books) ?
  • Streaming of Music and Movies (why OWN something as lame as a CD/DVD - Rent it and save space !)
  • Renting furniture (I'm almost 47 and I can't EVER remember there being rental furniture when I was growing up
  • Renting of Video Games (why else push for download/etc. - other than no resale of the games)

Comment: Re:Buying music? (Score 2) 198

by SirGeek (#46036879) Attached to: Canadian Music Industry Calls For Internet Regulation, Website Blocking

Sorry, but your argument is wrong.

Most "Owned" Bands (i.e. on a Major Record Label) do NOT make their money on the CD Sales. They make a pittance. They make most (if not ALL their money) on tours.The reason we have things like JB, is they sell their souls to the music industry and allow them to be totally manipulated and peroform cookie cutter music that you can't tell from the other 20 performers of that style of music.

As for the "ugly" comment, You're telling me that a performer like Ted Nutgent.. I mean Nugent can't sell tickets ? Sadly he does.

If you want REAL musicians, Look up an Indie artist. There are a bunch. And some are even geeky. You have Marian Call, The Double Clicks, Molly Lewis, Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and others.... Support them and support their music.

Comment: Re:Pass the cost to the end user (Score 1) 73

Not "quite". Places are allowed to say "Price: X.XX, Cash Discount of $ Y.YY"

I've seen a few gas stations saying this. And doing this (offering a cash discount) is perfectly legal.

I would just like to see more places that do debit and credit (that don't charge more) asking people to use their debit cards (AS debit cards) whenever possible because it saves them CC Transaction fees - and thus saves THEM money because they don't need to raise their prices to pay for the fees).

Comment: Re:You answered yourself. (Score 1) 361

by SirGeek (#45402691) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Communication Skills For Programmers?
It isn't necessarily the "what you said", its the "how you say it".
  1. If you need to email someone, don't forget to be pleasant (it actually can make a huge difference - saying something as simple as "Hi Jim, I wanted to let you know that there may be a problem with your spec. I believe it should be .... Thanks Mike."
  2. If you're replaying to an email/communication with lots of people, be specific in whom you respond to (i.e. the "Hi Jim" comment above). It makes you come across as much less "curt" or blunt.
  3. Ask the more senior programmers for advice there. They will know the 'political landscape' too.

As for keeping the team informed, ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT :-\

It may be as simple as telling them "I've met milestone 20131112, I'm moving on to the next task unless someone needs me to work on something else."

Comment: Re:I think he's ready (Score 1) 274

by SirGeek (#44308901) Attached to: Former Student Gets Year In Prison For College President Election Fraud

I think this kid's ready for the big time! Future statesman, you heard about him first on Slashdot!

I'm not sure mentioned on slashdot is any kind of endorsement. You don't see Wil Wheaton in the DC, do you?

Nope. Because Wil Wheaton :

  1. Is NOT a lawyer (and he doesn't play one on TV either)
  2. He HAS A SOUL

Comment: Re:Paranoia (Score 1) 276

Ok. How's this for a very "possible" scenario.

You're driving a different route (due to road construction/etc.) And your car goes past a house that is under surveillance for some crime (Say prostitution or drugs).

Your car's plate gets "snapped" in front of the house. They don't CARE that you're just driving by, You're driving past a crime scene. They get your data, and then they check your plate and find you had unpaid parking tickets. Then they visit you at your place of employment or better yet your home. They ask for you in regards to a crime at house where Prostitution/Drugs are used.

Does it MATTER to the police that you were just driving by the hose ? Nope. They can use it as an excuse for harassing you.

Does it matter they already knew your plate # ? Nope. They can use the cameras to determine ANYTHING they want:

"Gee. You drive from Camera A to Camera B, a distance of 1 mile. You drove it in 45 seconds, It should have taken you a full minute @ 30MPH. So you're speeding - DING ! Ticket issued. Camera B to Camera C, another Mile. Another 45 seconds, DING Another ticket.

Is that OK with you now ?

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