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Comment: I bet the publishers aren't happy (Score 4, Insightful) 150

by Sinryc (#37934210) Attached to: Amazon Launching eBook Lending Program, Publishers Unenthusiastic
No big publisher wants more to bring anything like a library back to life. Publishers had to have hated the fact that something like a library existed in the first place, and if digital publishing can wipe away libraries, you know they will be happy. A digital library is something that the publishers have to hate.

Comment: Re:There WILL be unbreakable DRM, heres how: (Score 3, Insightful) 443

by Sinryc (#31976406) Attached to: Ubisoft's DRM Cracked — For Real This Time
Games are more akin to food or drinks? Man, you obviously don't see the real world much. I'm in college and I know LOTS of folks who havn't bought games in a while so that they could, you know, buy food or drinks. Games may be a tad addictive but they aren't like drugs THAT much.
Hardware Hacking

How To Play Poker With Your Rock Band Guitar 121

Posted by timothy
from the jumprope-can-be-hifi-if-it's-got-usb dept.
An anonymous reader writes 'Sean Lind over at PokerListings has written a really interesting piece on how to configure Rock Band (or Guitar Hero) instruments to use them as controllers for playing online poker. The instructions given in his how-to could really be used to configure the instruments for any game.' Or how about a genuine chording keyboard?

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