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Comment Re:"Practicing hand/eye coord. makes you good at.. (Score 2) 55

You're an idiot. Laproscopy (the technique in question) is essentially telepresence surgery. You hold small tools with a camera attached to a long, maneuverable tube. Your tools are also attached to long tubes, and you're basically watching yourself do the surgery on TV. The wii is also telepresence. You hold controls and your character on screen reacts. Laproscopy uses almost exclusively your eyes and fine motor control in the hands. The wii is obviously an ideal corollary in the video game world.

I don't see how anyone voted the parent interesting when he suggests tennis might help. Even his sewing and soldering suggestions involve direct observation and manipulation, as opposed to the wii's telepresence manipulation.

Comment Re:Another Kickstarter Slashvertisement? (Score 2) 122

Fuck Carmack! Gaben STOOD UP and told you to back this. When the man behind the revolution of PC gaming backs something, you need to quit bitching and get in line. Carmack has always been a crackpot, but Gabe has consistently backed the winning horse.

Comment Merge With Ouya (Score 2) 69

They need to buy out the people behind the Ouya system and incorporate that and make it $100. All Ouya has is money anyways. Roku is close to offering this already, now that they offer games. Google needs to control this out of the gate instead of diving in late in the game like they usually do. Android-powered, web-connected TV interface that supports gaming. KIS,S

Comment Re:Assange is going to come out of this a hero (Score 1) 464

This is what bothers me more than anything. Anyone able to remain that calm in the spotlight is probably a bit of a dick. I'd like Wikileaks to turn out to be a hero and everyone to slowly forget the name Julian Assange. But then again, nobody wants to remember the message, just the name (I'm looking at you, Christians, Buddhists, etc.).