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Comment Get another PC aka HTPC (Score 1) 158

This is pretty much what you need to do if you want the versatility of your desktop on your TV.

Hook a small PC up to your TV and leave it there. A $10 USB WiFi adapter can connect it to your network. This is about the cheapest and most versatile solution. A < $100 box will do the job. Just find a small, old dual core box, install your OS of choice, maybe add some RAM and/or a SSD if you wanna splurge (also < $100) and you are all set. You can remote into or load files from your main desktop using pretty much anything you'd like. You can also stream anything you want from the internet. You can even stream games from Steam off your main PC.

Comment Re:Reddit is discovering... (Score 1) 385

Look who's talking.

Let me know how many more church massacres we need to experience before we decide that letting tens of thousands of vitriolic racists congregate on the "front page of the internet" may not be such a good idea.

If they can filter Reddit for pedophiles and intellectual property abuse then I think they can do it for pure HATRED, which, IMO, ranks far closer to the top than the bottom of that short list of what won't be tolerated on Reddit.

Comment Apple & Taylor Swift aside... (Score 1) 368

... did the poor artists on Apple's music service sign something which allows Apple to distribute their music for free? Are new artists STILL giving away the rights to their own music? Has nothing been learned in the past 10-20 years? Or can these small labels & artists sue the living shit out of Apple over this?

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