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Comment Re:Exactly what happened to me (Score 1) 176

Same thing happened to me. 3 freaking times they started charging me for my own modem. (nearly... I got a letter the third time and pre-empted the actual bill). After my complaint to the FCC, I was called back by Comcast in under 24 hours with an apology. Now they send me a letter every month offering to upgrade my equipment "for free" because my current modem doesn't support the speed I'm paying for. I'm paying for the 150 Mbps tier (because I got a good deal due to what I think was a mistake on their part) but my actual speed is about 100Mbps. Good enough for me. Don't want their equipment under any circumstance.

Comment my 2 cents (Score 1) 1832

1.) Slashdot contains far more general click-bait than it used to be but so does most every site on the internet. Please try to limit the sensationalist bullshit.
2.) Slashdot is pretty consistently scooped by other sites. Important news for nerds stories frequently don't show for a day or more after they appear elsewhere.
3.) Hacker News seems to be the new Slashdot, quality wise.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 2) 216

This. Yes you have it right. They took a page right out of Microsoft's book and oversimplified the address bar to the point where people who were capable of learning the difference between HTTP and HTTPS or a search term and a URL no longer have the opportunity, and then they complain of computer illiteracy...

This shit irks me to no end. Windows is full of examples (hiding file extensions by default for instance)

Comment Re:How long will you all put up with this shit? (Score 1) 458

I will personally put up with it until someone releases a solid, AAA FPS for linux. I only need one good one, with the promise of sequels & updates.

Why a CIO or CEO would put up with it is beyond me.
I recently forced 200 people to switch from Office 2003 to Libre Office. They weren't particularly happy about it but the world didn't end.

Comment Oh the irony (Score 2) 117

They've been patronizing their users for years to the point where few know where their files actually are (My Docs is now a junction point) or even what they are named (file extensions hidden by default) and they bemoan a lack of computer literacy? They've done everything possible to hide how things actually work, and no, that's not a good thing.

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