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Comment: Re:Finally (Score 1) 509

by Simpsoid (#26512897) Attached to: Valve Takes Optimistic View of Piracy
A game I absolutely *LOVED* (and still do) took many many many months before a single crack came out. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. My mate and I used to play it LANed all the time. We would have to start the game with the DVD in the drive. Then eject and start it on the other PC. Securerom protection I believe. And it wasn't a small/unknown game either. I think Razor1911 did it (my personal heroes in the PC scene). I'm glad they did because it saved much headache.
The Internet

EU Strikes Down French "3 Strikes" Copyright Infringement Law 271

Posted by timothy
from the mon-dieu dept.
Erris writes "Opendotdotdot has good news about laws in the EU: 'EU culture ministers yesterday (20 November) rejected French proposals to curb online piracy through compulsory measures against free downloading ... [and instead pushed] for "a fair balance between the various fundamental rights" while fighting online piracy, first listing "the right to personal data protection," then "the freedom of information" and only lastly "the protection of intellectual property." [This] indicates that the culture ministers and their advisers are beginning to understand the dynamics of the Net, that throttling its use through crude instruments like the "three strikes and you're out" is exactly the wrong thing to do.'"
Portables (Games)

Nintendo DSi Software Will Be Region Locked 148

Posted by Soulskill
from the don't-import dept.
aliquis writes with news that software made for the recently announced Nintendo DSi will be region-locked. Nintendo's reasoning is that the DSi "embeds net communication functionality within itself and we are intending to provide net services specifically tailored for each region." It's also been discovered that accounts with the DSi's online store won't be linked with the Wii store, so points for one won't work with the other. Nintendo has stated that they don't intend for digital distribution to replace retail sales. We discussed the DSi's announcement last week.

Comment: MSI return policy worked great for me (Score 2, Informative) 290

by Simpsoid (#25162307) Attached to: Getting Away With a Cheap Graphics Card

July last year saw me splurge out on a new box. At the time I got an MSI GeForce 768MB O/Clocked 8800GTX. It cost me a decent chuck of the final PC price ($820 AUD).
This card was beautiful. It just ate up every game I threw at it smoothly and perfectly. Running at 1920 resolution on my 26 inch Acer.
A year later my PC died whilst playing HL2. Turns out that between my GFX card and Sound card was a small little firewire chip that controlled the 1 firewire port at the back (that I had an external HDD plugged to with all my mp3s).
The poor little chip got so worked up after 6 or so hours of gaming and simultaneously listening to music that it burnt out.
Needless to say it fried a few components in my system. Graphics card, RAM and motherboard.
It took many months for Asus to replace my board (as they didn't sell them anymore).
However MSI quickly replaced my video card. Upon handing in the card I learnt that it was old stock and no longer produced.
I was quite anxious to learn what I would get back. However 4 weeks later (ok so that part wasn't great) they returned to me a brand new 1GB MSI GeForce 9800 GX2 (SLI on the one board).
I was extremely happy as I got a great, more powerful, newer generation of card replaced for my faulty card for free.

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