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Comment: Re:Had one in a laptop (Score 1) 154

by Simploid (#45031337) Attached to: SSHDs Debut On the Desktop With Mixed Results
Not disagreeing with you but for what it's worth, here is my setup:

256GB SSD -> OS + all applications + steam + most used VMs + http downloads

1TB HDD -> All multimedia (video+audio+photos) + backups + installation files + torrent downloads + less used experimental VMs

I only sometimes move Virtual Machines and some installation files between the two. If your SSD is large enough for your needs (256 or 512 in my case) then you won't need to move files around.

There are some cache SSDs available from various sources with 32GB and more capacity, but they are usually tied to Windows and can't be used on other OSs.

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by Simploid (#44613705) Attached to: The Cryonics Institute Offers a Chance at Immortality (Video)

There hasn't been a single person yet who has avoided death, but there are many who have won a lottery, and some of those may read slashdot..

I think I know what you are saying but apart from some claims about people who had a very long life and are still living after over a thousand years in some religious traditions, every living person has avoided death.

Comment: Asymmetrical dual screen setup (Score 1) 375

by Simploid (#42903397) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Favorite Monitor For Programming?
My setup is probably is a bit different than most. I use a 27" monitor + a 19" one. This setup is good for me since I have a main monitor that I always use and a secondary one that I use when I need the extra screen space when doing programming. The 27" is directly in front of me while the 19" is on the side. I can open the console output, open reference documents or look at the end result of my work in the small one while I have my IDE open in the main monitor. When I don't need the second one, I just turn it off. The second monitor does not take a lot of space, it's cheap but very handy when I need it. I have an analogue VGA cable hanging out of the small monitor as well so I can connect it to my laptop and use it to extend my laptop's screen. It's easy to switch between the digital and analogue inputs of the monitor. All considered, this seems to be a flexible setup which is not very expensive and is not taking a lot of space.

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by Simploid (#42498707) Attached to: Al Jazeera Gets a US Voice
I can second that. The Arabic one is by far less balanced. At the same time, Al Jazeera is not the only one with this issue. For example I respect BBC English and even though in some cases I have seen them bend the truth, they are a good source. Still looking at some of other languages in BBC news, I can't say the same. As far as I know the news agency is funded by the Qatar ruling family and acts to their benefit.

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by Simploid (#41050323) Attached to: Some Players Want Day-1 DLC, Says BioWare

Wait until the "game of the year" or "platinum edition" or "gold edition" or "diamond edition" or "complete edition" goes on sale for $10 and you'll have ALL the DLC on day 1. On top of that, most of the compatibility and quest bugs will have been squashed.

Problem solved.

That's what I usually do but I can see why this doesn't always work

  • For multilayer games you can be late to the party if you wait that long and the base has moved to something else. People prefer to play with their friends.
  • Interesting parts of the story or twists are spoiled for you while you're waiting, "so S**** doesn't exist? really!"
  • People want to be part of a culture by experiencing while others do so they are not left out in conversations

Still I think that most likely for most people, the anticipation and hype can be too much to wait and get a bargain.

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by Simploid (#40927813) Attached to: July Heat Set U.S. Record

In 1936, according to the article, it was almost as warm. Basically, a "so what?". Between then and now, States have had record cold temperatures as well. This report would be just one more Jeopardy! item, were it not for the political hay that will be made of it.

yeah, and that's without even considering inflation!!

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by Simploid (#39668319) Attached to: Stuxnet Allegedly Loaded By Iranian Double Agents

"The Iranians are Shia Muslims, the Saudis are Sunnis, the two hate each other with the passion you often find in long running sectarian conflicts."

That statement is a bit misleading. The hatred and conflict is not because of Sunni Vs Shia, but rather Wahabi/Salafy Vs Shia where Wahabi sect is considered a subset of Sunnie Islam. The distinction is important because even though there is unease between Sunnie and Shias in general, but it's not at the level of hatred with passion.

Just thought to point that out

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.