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Comment Re:What's wrong with ILO? (Score 1) 104

Debugging installation failures on hosts in a dev environment, probably 20 times a day. I just need to see what the installer reported and to interact with it. These fancy interfaces give you all the bells and whistles but seem to end up making the basics unreliable. 19200 works fine for me.

Comment Re:What's wrong with ILO? (Score 1) 104

How long have you got? ILO often hangs (as in the ILO *server*) when extremely long lines are sent to it. Some features as licensed on per-host basis. Unless you only have one supplier you end up with having to use a mixture of tools to do the same operations. I haven't used one of these proprietary tools that doesn't suck big-time. The worst offender is Dell's Java KVM. I have to fire up a Windows VM whenever I have to use it. Once configured serial just works.

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