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Comment: Not really a 'complete' review (Score 1) 174

by SilverBlade2k (#49530229) Attached to: Intel 'Compute Stick' PC-Over-HDMI Dongle Launched, Tested

It's not a complete review by any stretch.

All it says for Netflix is that it's 'flawless'. What about some details behind that? does it do HD properly? Does it output 5.1 surround sound?

Also, they didn't go through any really good playback reviews. Like..does it have the power to play blu-ray rips in mkv? Does it output 5.1 surround sound? Can it output DTS-HD/Tru HD?

To me (and probably others) This kind of information is VITAL.

Comment: Needs to function on it's own (Score 1) 97

by SilverBlade2k (#46617639) Attached to: What Apple's iWatch Can Learn From Pebble

The one thing which the iWatch must have is the ability to function *on it's own*. If it 'needs' to be paired up with an iPhone in order to be useful, it's completely dead in the water and useless.

The iWatch should be simple: display time, date, fitness apps and music. It shouldn't need to be fed data from an iPhone to look at messages or texts.

It should also have a headphone jack, it shouldn't rely on bluetooth audio.

Comment: Block sites? (Score 0) 198

IF ISP's can block certain websites, then why are they now blocking the more disgusting sites out there like child porn sites, or sites similar? I would think that the government would want to eliminate those from the face of the earth before wasting their time on trying to block music and movie pirating sites..

Comment: This will completely backfire. (Score 1) 338

by SilverBlade2k (#42266241) Attached to: Text Message Spammer Wants FCC To Declare Spam Filters Illegal

Ha. The FCC would be flooded with so many complaints that they wouldn't have a choice but to declare filters legal.

If they did declare filters illegal, it would leave the whole e-mail system useless until software companies like Microsoft and Mozilla start to program filters right into the software which would be updated through their usual updates.

Comment: Here's some ideas (Score 1) 547

by SilverBlade2k (#42023799) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Make a DVD-Rental Store More Relevant?
- Offer online reservations. - Blu-rays and DVD's are the same price - Free popcorn in small bags - Eliminate late fees. The one thing that pisses people off the most is rushing down to the store before it closes to avoid the late fee. Many people probably never return to a rental place if they pay a late fee. - Have enough copies in in stock for newer movies. The 'New Releases' wall was almost entirely empty every time I went. It really pissed me off. - New movies should be the same price as the older movies, or at the very least, put the "new" movie releases into the 'regular' priced section a lot faster. Rogers Video often had New Releases there for 6 months before moving them. Pathetic. One month maximum. - Maybe offer something like Netflix did for their physical rentals - tiered pricing: Rent 'x' movies at a time for a certain price per month. The more they want, the more they pay. - Offer regular movie fair snacks like chips and drinks.

Comment: Sooo funny (Score 3, Interesting) 227

by SilverBlade2k (#38499774) Attached to: Warner Bros Sued For Pirating Louis Vuitton Trademark
Lets see what would happen if Louis Vuitton succeeded if SOPA was in place: 1) Louis Vuitton would force all theatres to stop showing the movie 2) Would have all DVD/Blu-ray copies pulled from the shelves 3) Would have all of the WB execs pay a huge fine 4) Have all of WB's websites pulled down 5) Have all of WB's movies pulled from shelves My sick/cynical self kind of wants to see SOPA pass, to see how it would explode in the faces of those who endorsed it.

Comment: Simple reason why we don't buy music in FLAC (Score 1) 550

by SilverBlade2k (#35471658) Attached to: Why We Should Buy Music In FLAC
The file size is like 10X the file size of an mp3, and it doesn't nearly sound 10x better. It's a *very* small gain in audio quality compared to the file size that comes with it. The only reason I buy FLAC, when I can, is for archiving and in case the mp3 files become lost or distorted somehow. That's it, otherwise I listen to mp3's

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