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+ - Once Slashdot beta has been foisted upon me, what site should I use instead? 2

Submitted by somenickname
somenickname (1270442) writes "As a long time Slashdot reader, I'm wondering what website to transition to once the beta goes live. The new beta interface seems very well suited to tablets/phones but, it ignores the fact that the user base is, as one would expect, nerds sitting in front of very large LCD monitors and wasting their employers time. It's entirely possible that the browser ID information gathered by the site has indicated that they get far more hits on mobile devices where the new interface is reasonable but, I feel that no one has analyzed the browser ID (and screen resolution) against comments modded +5. I think you will find that most +5 comments are coming from devices (real fucking computers) that the new interface does not support well. Without an interface that invites the kind of users that post +5 comments, Slashdot is just a ho-hum news aggregation site that allows comments. So, my question is, once the beta is the default, where should Slashdot users go to?"

Comment: Re:Nixon 1 - Cancer 0 (Score 1) 175

by Silpher (#45642823) Attached to: Killing Cancer By Retraining the Patient's Immune System

I posted a bit of a flamebait there.. downmodding is appropiate.
just, you should really do some research about what highly refined foods do to a living organism. Just for yourself please let's not get into an ego battle here.

I cherry picked this article:

I'm sure you can find a lot more argumenting for both sides. I'm not some vegan saint sipping veggie juice all day but since I've informed myself a lot about food
I really notice that my body really reacts to what I put into it.


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