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Comment: Re:How about a list for Australia ... (Score 0) 43

The ACMA maintains a blacklist of about 1100 websites according to their website. These sites are not blocked to all Australians though, the list is provided to the makers of "family friendly filters". That's quite a different situation to China where much of the web is blocked.

Comment: Just a desperate PM (Score 5, Insightful) 224

by Silicon-Surfer (#43180677) Attached to: Australian PM Targets Imported IT Workers
This is just a ploy by a desperate PM way behind in the polls and facing a wipeout in the upcoming federal election. She's trying to gain some mileage by playing on the fears of Australians, who are suspicious of imported temporary workers. It doesn't matter whether there is a skill shortage or not, the public doesn't actually get the real facts...

+ - Mobile Carriers Use Firefox OS To Fight Google, Apple->

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jfruh writes: "The first Firefox OS phones are arriving, and the fledgling mobile platform is getting a surprising amount of backing from mobile carriers. One reason: those carriers believe it provides a weapon against Apple and Google, which the mobile industry sees as raking in profits for apps and phones that rightfully belong to the companies that deal with government regulations and build out mobile infrastructure."
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Comment: Re:As fanbois queue in the dark, Jobs makes millio (Score 1) 628

by Silicon-Surfer (#35852330) Attached to: Jesse Jackson, Jr. Pins US Job Losses On iPad

I for one will refuse to make a rich man even richer. I even wonder what will ever make me queue up in the dark of the early mornings just to get my hands on an iDevice. Am I boring or what?

And on the subject matter, I happen to agree with the congressman to a large degree.

Actually Steve Jobs doesn't own Apple stock and he's annual salary is $1. No matter how many iPads you buy, you won't make him richer. Unless you buy Disney content from iTunes that is!

PlayStation (Games)

PS3 Jailbreak Now Legal In Spain 113

Posted by Soulskill
from the setting-a-precedent dept.
deek writes "Spanish gamer site have reported that it's now legal to sell the PS3 Jailbreak modchip in Spain (Google translation of Spanish original). According to the article, one reason for the legal ruling is because Sony removed the ability to run GNU/Linux on the console. One can only wonder if Sony will soon rush out a firmware update that will re-enable the OtherOS feature, and appeal the court decision. Oh the irony of that thought. The legal ruling was made on the 13th December (Google translation). There are only 5 days to appeal, starting from that date."

Gee, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.