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Linux Business

Hemisphere Games Reveals Osmos Linux Sales Numbers 131

Posted by Soulskill
from the more-than-a-little-less-than-a-lot dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Hemisphere Games analyzes the sales numbers for their Linux port of Osmos and ask themselves, 'Is it worth porting games to Linux?' The short, simple answer is 'yes.' Breakdown and details in the post." A few other interesting details: the port took them about two man-months of work, the day they released for Linux was their single best sales day ever, and they got a surprising amount of interest from Russia and Eastern Europe. Their data only reflects sales through their website, and they make the point that "the lack of a strong Linux portal makes it a much less 'competitive' OS for commercial development." Hopefully someday the rumored Steam Linux client will help to solve that.

Comment: That's Nvidia's Tegra Chip (Score 1) 272

by SilicaiMan (#28246511) Attached to: ARM-Powered Linux Laptops Unveiled At Computex
Not to take anything away from ARM, who doesn't build and sell chips but rather sells/licenses IP, all of those devices use Nvidia's Tegra platform which combines an ARM core with an Nvidia GPU on the same die. The whole computer fits onto a module around the same size as a ram stick. All you need is a board to add the connectors, and you're set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6ZDgvXsYDM

Comment: Re:I never really hear what is wrong with plastic. (Score 5, Insightful) 517

by SilicaiMan (#24492931) Attached to: IBM Granted "Paper-or-Plastic?" Patent

The common one you get from people is either they get into the water and damager wild life, or they don't bio-degrade.


If its damage, then if you take care to dispose, how is it an issue?

if they're not biodegradable, then how do you dispose of the millions of bags that are thrown in the trash every day? where do you put them?

If its bio-degrade, I dont get that either. They arent the largest things around. Is it a significant issue?

you under-estimate the number of plastic bags thrown away each day. They aren't only used in supermarkets for your groceries. Practically every store uses them (clothing, electronics, books, everything). There is also plastic packaging. Plastic bags ARE a HUGE problem.

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