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Comment: Re:The self-fulfilling prophecy (Score 1) 234

by SignOfZeta (#46182729) Attached to: The Standards Wars and the Sausage Factory
Truth be told, I like the look of the beta site. I could read that day in and day out. The comments section has a few nice improvements, but I wish they'd just port the classic comments over and give it the "beta" color scheme. (Also, UTF-8 support, if they haven't coded that already.) This beta is hardly a Windows Vista. At its current state, it's more like Windows Vista SP2 -- usable, but still not everything you'd hoped. Well, excellent karma, it was nice knowing you.

Comment: Re:Very nice.. (Score 1) 267

by SignOfZeta (#42741641) Attached to: RIM Unveils BlackBerry 10, Its Big Turnaround Hope

I've never been a BB fan (never owned one) but I was given an iPhone and a BB10 beta to play with. The BB10 feels way better, and I mean waaaay better. With the iPhone it feels like you spend most of the time clicking on the menu button moving to another app. On the BB10 you swipe left or up and as if by magic all your other app(s) are there, still running.

To be fair, the iPad has had those same multi-finger gestures for quite some time. For some reason, though, the iPhone never got that feature.

Comment: Re:Really instead of ? (Score 1) 445

by SignOfZeta (#42610037) Attached to: UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6

I don't know where you live, but I spoke with a surprisingly-knowledgeable Comcast representative some time ago about the future of IPv6 on their network. They are rolling it out market by market, but unfortunately for me, the northeast and mid-Atlantic states will be one of the last regions to have it activated. Something something legacy equipment up there. She couldn't provide a time frame, though it will definitely be addresses. (Whenever that may be.)

If you do have it enabled, though, your router will get a single IPv6 address. If it's capable of DHCPv6-PD and you left that enabled, you'll wake up one morning to see that IPv6 has magically come to your house.

Comment: Re:inevitable? (Score 1) 445

by SignOfZeta (#42609971) Attached to: UK ISP PlusNet Testing Carrier-Grade NAT Instead of IPv6
I know Charter Communications is selling only DOCSIS 3.0 modems now, but that seems to be solely for the speed benefits. However, relevant to the article, there was an extension to the old standard called "DOCSIS 2.0 + IPv6" which does exactly what you think it does. I'm not sure how popular that was, but it does exist.

Comment: Re:Time to burn some points. HEY MBA STUPID PEOPLE (Score 1) 347

by SignOfZeta (#42525839) Attached to: Change the ThinkPad and It Will Die

Pick up ANYTHING APPLE. It does not feel like a cheap piece of shit.

Well, except for the few remaining white MacBooks. But I do see your point. Apple products aren't typically just a couple plastic housings molded, glued, screwed, or snapped together. They're glass, metal, or whatever else Jony Ive's been playing with lately. When you pick one up, it feels solid, just the right weight... and hopefully, like it's worth the price tag.

Comment: Re:oh shit, (Score 1) 249

by SignOfZeta (#41929171) Attached to: Why Would a Mouse Need To Connect To the Internet?

And IPv6. Granted, I hate the fact of registering hardware before it will accomplish its intended goals, but if Hardware Manufacturer A fires out 50 million mice without an IPv6 stack, they're just asking for trouble.

Although, if this mouse does support IPv6, I still won't buy one. I'll just laud it for its one non-saving grace.

Comment: Why not hypervisors? (Score 3, Interesting) 320

by SignOfZeta (#41849563) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Little Boxes Around the Edge of the Data Center?
I don't operate a datacenter, but for virtualized servers in an office, I always enable the NTP server functionality in the hypervisor, have it sync to a stratum-1 time source, then advertise that address via DHCP and DHCPv6 for my guests and workstations (and visiting cell phones) to use. Being the definitive time source, I also tell the hypervisor to automatically set the clock on the guests, then give a virtualized AD domain controller (if any) the PDC FSMO role to set the Windows domain time. I have sites with two or three hypervisors running NTP, and it seems to work well. Not sure if it will scale to your environment, OP, but it may be worth mulling over.

Comment: Re:Darn, no mesh (Score 1) 62

by SignOfZeta (#40685663) Attached to: Contiki 2.6: IPv6 For Everything, Everywhere
Just using the public IPv6 prefix given out by your router would be easier than setting up your router to hand out unique local addresses, or using link-local addressing and hoping that all of your devices are on the same physical link. Plus, it would make remote management easier, assuming your theoretical iPhone app doesn't communicate with some kind of master gateway device. An argument can easily be made for both sides in this case.

Comment: Re:iOS has encryption and management built-in (Score 1) 138

If you're talking about unlocking the phone via the lock screen like people do, that's a no-go. There is an option to erase the device after ten failed unlock attempts, and (correct me if I'm wrong) it's turned on by default. Even though there are only 10,000 possible combinations, you'll only have the chance to try 0.1% of them before the phone self-destructs, no matter how long you wait between attempts.

If you're talking about bypassing iOS and attacking the flash chips directly, then post a link. I'm curious.

Comment: It's not there for me (Score 1) 205

They say that all FileVault (1 and 2) users on 10.7.3 are affected, so I looked at the appropriate file (apparently no one on the Internet is speaking its path and file name) and found the lines marked DEBUGLOG, but my cleartext password wasn't there. Everything else is. I'm not saying the story is untrue; I'm looking right at a bunch of lines that say DEBUGLOG. I guess I somehow got lucky.

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