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Comment Re:Eventually, values will clash (Score 1) 1168

No... I'm trying desperately to get people to understand that Jim Crow was a GOVERNMENT problem. I'm not trying to get anybody 'off the hook'.

I've seen so many people blaming the 'Free-Market' for Jim Crow... and Jim Crow is about a far removed from a free market as one can get! You don't seem to have the mental capacity to understand what free market means.... it doesn't mean the rich and powerful people get the government to make laws in their favor! It means the government STAYS OUT OF IT (nearly) ALLTOGETHER and lets people freely make the decisions they wish to make.

NOTE: I do not argue for a 100% free market... That would be unreasonable. SOME government regulations on a market are desirable - but the goal _should_ be to keep that to a minimum.

Submission + - Leak Reveals Government Conspiracy, Atrocity 1

Sigmon writes: An unauthorized wave recently broadcast on the Cortex has revealed not only the existence of a previously unknown settlement on a far away border world called Miranda but also that the entire population of settlers was inadvertently wiped out by a top-secret Alliance program. Miranda was purportedly used as a testing ground for G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate, or simply "Pax" — a chemical agent designed to calm the population and weed out aggression. It seems the test did not go as planned. Also, reporters have been dispatched to the location of a battle not far from Miranda's location where the Alliance fleet has apparently suffered significant losses. It is unknown if the two events are related at this time. When contacted for comment on these events, government officials were very tight-lipped, however one official responded with a confusing statement about "Damming a river."

Submission + - Scientists discover meaning of life through massive computing project! (wikia.com)

Rabbit327 writes: In a stunning announcement today scientists have announced that after millions of cycles of computing time on some of the largest super computers that they have discovered the meaning of life. On April 1st 2015 at approximately 03:42 GMT scientists discovered that a long running program had finished. The results stunned scientists who were having tea in the other room when the alarm went off. According to the scientific team the answer was stunning yet confusing. Quoting one scientist "It's amazing. It worked! But what does it mean?!? For heaven's sake we spent all this time calculating the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe, and everything. This is the answer we get?!? This is the bloody answer we get?!?!??!?" after which the scientist promptly threw a keyboard across the room. According to inside sources the answer given by the computer was "42". What this means will be announced later according to a research representative.

Comment Re:Eventually, values will clash (Score 1) 1168

The segregated South was NOT a free-market. The south was segregated BY LAW. Laws are enacted and enforced by GOVERNMENT... not a free market. You've heard the term 'Jim Crow', right? They were called 'Jim Crow LAWS'. Jim Crow was not instituted by the free market. It was government. Government FORCED business owners to have things like separate water fountains for blacks and whites. Absent these laws, _some_ may have still discriminated - but most likely would not have.

Comment Re:For those wanting a 'free market' solution.. (Score 1) 1168

There is another word that belongs behind 'Jim Crow'... that word is LAWS. Jim Crow laws were passed by GOVERNMENT for force people and business-owners to discriminate - against their will. The business owner didn't have a choice but to have separate water fountains for white and colored people. THAT is NOT a free-market. Educate yourself.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure Jesus said not to do this (Score 1) 1168

THIS. Where does one draw the line, indeed? I have my opinion on which of your listed scenarios are reasonable or not.. as do you.. and the next guy. It is likely we all disagree. Which one is 'correct'? Who can say? This is why I would always rather er on the side of freedom when it comes to individuals and privately-owned corporations. What is it to me if person A or company B doesn't want to do business with me? Fine. I'll do business with somebody else... The story is different for publicly-owned corporations and government agencies. People like to trot out the term 'Jim Crow'... But they seldom mention the next word in the phrase... which is 'LAWS'. 'Jim Crow LAWS' were passed by government dictating that business MUST discriminate by having things like separate white and colored water fountains, separate white sections and colored sections in restaurants, etc. FAR from being responsible for these problems - Churches (religious people) got the ball rolling to abolish slavery in the western world... and indeed churches were first and foremost among the leaders of the civil rights movement in the U.S. These 'Religious Freedom' laws being passed bear NO resemblance to Jim Crow or other times of discrimination.

Anti-discrimination laws are not a problem -IF- the vast majority of the people and the culture already are of that mind-set. This is why legislatures pass them... because the people WANT them. The present quagmire in the U.S. comes from a tiny minority of the population attempting to hijack the court system into getting their preferred anti-discrimination ideas imposed as defacto law without having to win the hearts and minds of the general population. When unelected judges impose their arbitrary will on the people absent representation of any kind - regardless of the subject-matter - bad things are going to happen.

Comment Read The Bill (Score 5, Informative) 1168

As I live in Arkansas I actually got around to reading the bill (HB 1228) this morning. Everything people are complaining about is complete FUD. It's really quite mundane... and LOTS of other states already have similar laws on the books. It _basically_ instructs the courts to take into consideration sincerely-held religious convictions in discrimination cases except where there is an impracticality in enforcing the laws without the state encroaching on them.

This does NOT mean that teh gheys will be denied service at restaurants.
It DOES mean that I may be spared legal consequences if I decline to build a gay porn website for somebody and am sued for discrimination.

Comment Re:Security is hard... (Score 1) 737

I'm thinking that a physical token removed from the interior lock which disables the override function - to be carried with the pilot exiting the cockpit - would prevent this scenario. If one of the pilots needs to exit the cockpit at any point in the flight they simply remove the token or mechanism from the interior of the door that enables the pilot-override of somebody on the outside getting in. They take it with them - and when they return the re-insert it into the lock mechanism. This way, the absent pilot could always re-enter the cockpit when they were ready. Alternatively, a special per-flight code chosen before takeoff by each pilot and known only to them could be used from the outside which would ALWAYS open the door... This would make the internal override an unnecessary function.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 2) 257

What you say is correct ONLY as it pertains to forcing the RETAILER to collect/pay the tax. The sales point must have what is legally referred to as 'nexus'. As I mentioned in another comment above, we always refer to it as a 'sales tax' but you'll note if you look into the legal-ease of the state codes it's actually a 'sales and use tax'. And, oh yes they can enforce a tax on purchases made in another state. Want proof? Try this: If you live in a state with a sales tax... go to a state without one and buy a vehicle. Bring it back to your state and get tags for it. Many of these states SHARE data on real-property sales like that. Eventually, I promise they'll try to collect the sales and use tax on your vehicle.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 257

My guess is, yes. Look up the word 'nexus' as it pertains to taxation. Arguments could be made on either side of whether or not a data center constitutes as nexus, but you can bet that the Ohio law-makers who I'm sure would LOVE to get a share of that dough will fall on the side that gets them that share.

Comment Re:Tip of the iceberg (Score 2) 669

It's always amusing to me when people spout off stuff like this... "The God of the bible could have been a space alien"... and you think you're saying something profound. I don't think you understand or grasp the concept of God as described in the Bible. You are attacking YOUR concept of God - not what HE claims to be. Many of you have this concept of an old man in the sky with white hair and a long white beard throwing down lightning bolts and such... and humans have a bad habit of anthropomorphizing God. You have trouble conceiving the idea of God (rightly so) - and you ask questions like "If God created the universe then when was God created?" But when you ask questions like that - note that you have made an assumption... that assumption is that there was a TIME in which God did not exist.... But think.. think.. think.. You slashdotters are supposed to be more scientifically astute. We now know (thanks mostly to Einstein) that time and space are linked. They're not two different things. If God created the universe (space)... He must also have created TIME. Do you get that? Can you even conceive the idea? I'm not asking if you BELIEVE it... I'm asking if you can even conceive of it. All I'm saying is this: If you're going to argue against the concept of God the creator (and by all means, feel free).. please try to understand the concept of God as described in the Bible... and argue against that... not what church leaders or even Popes say. Of course, that's going to require you to actually put fourth a little effort: Read the Bible. Study the history of where it came from. Understand what it is - and what it's not. It's not a science text book. It doesn't have ALL the answers to everything. It IS a collection of history, laws, stories, parables, poetry and testimony to what people have witnessed. There's a great deal of mystery in that book... but that doesn't mean it's all invalid. (BTW: I think these 'creationists' that read the Genesis creation account as 6 literal 24-hour days are idiots. They don't understand what the bible is either.)

Comment Re:The Middle Class is the Bedrock of Society (Score 1) 839

Again, you are incorrect. Regulation of industry is a form of control. And again you demonstrate the inadequacies of your logic by 'imagining' I believe things that I didn't say. I never argued for anarchy... which is what you seem to think I was saying.... No, your cute little rant here proves nothing. The point is - we are much closer to state control over industry than we were years ago... and yet the income gap grows larger and larger. This is inarguable. I'll thank you for admitting defeat now.

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