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Comment Re:Lucas not having control to do what he wanted (Score 1) 424

Im not sure you know what a dollar is.

Then you want a place in Florida, nothing special, and a place in Nevada - again nothing special. Plan on another $10,000,000

A five million dollar home in Florida or Colorado is going to be special. Nothing too special would be in the $250,000-$500,000 range and it would still be a pretty nice place.

Comment Re:Something something question in headline equals (Score 2) 568

While in general the definition of engineering applies to programmers, as practitioners of mathematics and science, I would agree the more excepted definition of building physical things is more appropriate. As such, programmers are not really engineers. I always describe myself as software developer, not software engineer.

Comment Re:I'm upset because it's divisive. (Score 1) 289

Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken. Its pretty set science that genetically XX makes you a woman and XY makes you a man. You can have all sorts of confusion in your head about gender, but that's a psychological issue, not a physical issue.

"As researchers study this more, they've come to find that gender and our perception of it is very likely to be determined by the structure of the brain, much like sexual preference, and a large number of other things." No matter how hard you think it, cutting off your penis and shoving it up in side you does not alter your genome from XY to XX.

Comment Re:This is only going to become more common (Score 1) 46

I see this a lot on here: "We can overcome this through legislation and a focus on privacy..." Its just not True. This type of pervasive surveillance has little to do with what government we have, who is in power or where they money is at. It all comes down to progress. As we move forward and advance technology this becomes an inevitability. Even a societal move to neo-luddism won't help long term as with all luddite movements the people eventually die and their kids, born in the technology, are less scared of it. Yes, we can push back, regulate, ban certain technologies, but its all an uphill battle. The advances in technology far outpace our ability to protect privacy.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 1) 621

This is not subject to the ad hominem fallacy. I'm attacking the validity of facts on websites like wordpress where not only can facts be faked but also the person presenting the facts.

Additionally, regardless of the fathers political ambitions, if a white male did this exact same thing would he have been led off in handcuffs? I wouldn't think so, so there is a point to be made.

The fact remains that a kid with a clock in a briefcase was taken out of high school in handcuffs. Its hard to argue the school or police were in the right any way you look at it.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

I searched but couldn't find more on the severance package. This could be an attempt by the company to pay severance only while the prior employee remains unemployed. I'm not saying that that's right either, I'm just saying its hard to paint a clear picture of whats going on with only one piece of information.

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