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Comment Re:Gee-zus (Score 2) 956

There is absolutely something to see here. Whenever a 9th grader is arrested, suspended and sent to a juvenile center for making a clock, there is something seriously wrong. Under no circumstances should this happen.

The teachers should've been more attentive and not only known about the clock project but supporting and cultivating his interests. The school administrators should've caught the problem immediately and not called the cops. The cops should not have done an number of the things that they did. We have cultivated a system that tolerates this kind of lunacy and its not ok. These teachers, administrators and police offices should be held responsible for their actions against a minor including unlawful seizure and detainment.

Comment Re:US Bill is only 4 Trillion? (Score 4, Interesting) 528

Any data model that puts the U.S. at $4 trillion in the whole and China in the black regarding pollution is incredibly inaccurate, especially since the dates measured are after both the U.S. and China industrialized. One set is from 1990 to 2013 and still shows China in the black.

This is sensationalist journalism posing as science. The publication itself looks to target wealth as an indicator of carbon emissions. Its abstract is clearly biased which is just bad science. The article by Brian Merchant is just terrible. I tried reading it and its just slander. The guy touts himself as "Apocalypse spotter, utopianist, science fictionalist." Seriously, this whole article is just a big pile of crap.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 616

That's a question of time now vs time later. I would rather have the non working code assuming I have the time to fix it. If we need to meet the deadline I'll take the working code. But as I said, most bad coders produce unreadable non-working code.

If I had to pick between having a bad coder and an illegible coder, I'd take the illegible one because coding practices are easier to teach than how to code.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 616

Well now we are talking about mathematicians. They have to write their own Integer class because MAX_INT just isn't close enough.

But more seriously, readability, maintainability and good coding practices are something you learn from experience, not some innate understanding of the concepts. If you had to choose between working code that's unreadable or non-working code that is readable, which would you take?

Not that that's a good example, most bad programmers I know produce code that doesn't work and is unreadable.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 2) 616

I've never met a good programmer with weak math skills. While your general statement is true, math is not needed to program, mathematics and logic are too tightly coupled to be good at one and bad at the other. The same type of thinking is needed for both.

Someone inherently good at programming will be inherently good at math and vise versa. Someone who can't understand mathematical concepts will struggle with logical ones. As to your point about engineers, most of the best programmers I know came from fields other than programming that required a higher level of mathematics, like engineering.

Comment Re:Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 1) 502

Its probably an effort to decommission the A-10. They've been trying to do it for a long time but its such a great aircraft. Its sad we haven't designed anything comparable in the last 40+ years. Really goes to show the state of American politics in regards to military spending.

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