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Comment Re:Them's the breaks (Score 1) 96

Coming from a lifetime of bad calls in every sporting league ever, I'd encourage everyone to realize that the call made on the field of play is the only call that matters.

Well, it's not when the referees use video to determine the call, is is now? Like it or not, we now live in an era of Hawkeye and video reviews. It's altogether a different thing to using video to second guess what the umpire's decision should have been, which as you say, rather a pointless exercise.

Comment Re:"It is the cornerstone of the bill of rights... (Score 1) 140

Seriously? The concern is that the most ancient freedoms only applied to MPs

The privileges given to MPs are for our benefit, not theirs. They are important for the same reason that freedom of the press is important: not because journalists are special flowers but because they are in a position to hold the executive to account.

Comment Re:Not a Sex Offender's Register (Score 1) 261

We do have a sex offenders register but we don't have felonies in the UK. As regards the public searchability of it - it's not exactly public information but might be disclosed to a potential employer, if relevant. So he wanted to become a teacher, it would be a problem but it wouldn't be disclosed to everyone who asked.

On the existance of a 'suspicion' registry - it's a tricky issue. Often people convicted of serious sexual offences leave a trail of prior allegations and suspicions behind them. It's tempting to take the position that until something is proved in court the only fair thing is to do nothing about it. I'm not sure that gets the balance right - you risk harm to innocent parties in either case, so there is no good solution. Obviously, this is over the top in this case - sadly police have got more process driven, and common sense has gone out of the window a bit.

Comment Re:Gambling but not the way he thinks he is (Score 1) 361

In the US, states set local (state) % admissions all the time. Is this not allowed by your new Federal government in Brussles, DC?

States can't discriminate against EU citizens because they have a different nationality. It's a principle in the treaty that states sign up to when they join the EU. It's somewhat misleading to consider it something that the Federal government does; it could only be changed by amending the treaty.

Comment Re:No it's a bug in OpenSSH (Score 1) 55

It is a bug in OpenSSH misusing PAM. They argue that these sorts of bugs wouldn't be as easy to make if PAM was less complicated, which is certainly true, but it is still a bug in OpenSSH.

Prove it. Cite the relevant code.

He doesn't need to: Marc Espie already did.

Comment Re:Classic /.inflammatory summary (Score 1) 674

Bonus points for misspelling 'extracting' as 'abstracting'. English ain't even my first language, but these words aren't even pronounced the same way.

So try looking in a dictionary before spouting off. Abstracting_electricity It rather undermines your point about taking time to RTFA before posting.

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