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Comment: Re:as a school administrator, i can explain. (Score 1) 535 535

This would be a valid theory, had an entire legion of the Emperor's best troops not lost to the build-a-bear workshop at then end of the Jedi.

Well, a legion is probably in the region of 1000-10000 troops: more than enough to deal with a commando raid but not an entire indigenous population. I give Lucas the benefit of the doubt and assume that the Ewoks were slaughtered in large numbers out of shot but they just kept coming.

Comment: Re:What does this mean? (Score 1) 396 396

There isn't really much news here. The Bank of England is somewhat independent of government, so it gets to offer an expert opinon on some possible scenarios. However, it needs to keep some appearance of impartiality, so it will make it in confidence.

If its advice were "Holy shit, you really don't want to do this", that would be a story.

Comment: Re:Stupid Question (Score 2, Informative) 162 162

You need two things to make such a sort of a journey practical: as well as the reactionless drive, you need some sort of Star Trek like deflector shield: because to you every 'stationary' hydrogen atom is a cosmic ray travelling at near light speed. And God help you if you hit a grain of dust.

Comment: Re:Well, I guess I've got to watch it now. (Score 1) 356 356

Etymology is not always indicative of current meaning. OP may have been unaware

In any case, it's a highly dubious etymology anyway. Funnily enough, I discovered the word first in the works of that notorious anti-semite, Isaac Asimov.

Comment: Re:Origin of *Species* (Score 4, Interesting) 249 249

You fall into the common error of equating the selfish gene with selfish individualism. Life is more complicated than that. There are times when protecting your family or the wider community at the risk of your own life is absolutely what is best for the survival of your genes.

And for sure, 'dove' is a lousy strategy in iterated prisoners dilemma. Hit him if he hits me first works fairly well though.

Comment: Re:Interstellar missions... (Score 1) 211 211

Voyager 1, which is the operative craft that's been in service the longest and receives the least amount of heat from the sun is, after most of the heaters have been turned off to conserve energy, running at around -80C temperatures.

Yes, but it has a nuclear power cell onboard. Given sufficent plutonium, it's pretty easy to keep warm.

Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition. - Isaac Asimov