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Comment Re:You can't be fucking serious. (Score 1) 648

Yep, reasonable method, unreasonable amount.

If they could charge e.g. $0.05 per article - pre-purchase 20 article tokens, you can read the preview for free and access the rest by spending a token. That way if I spend every day reading new articles, I'll even get over that $1. If I read less than 20 articles per year, $1 covers a year.

Comment Re:I want to go first party. What should I read? (Score 1) 648

Also: Charge as much as you need to cover the costs of your site. Don't try to make a fortune on it, and the slippery slope won't happen.

When you begin considering options for automatic ad placement on your site without you personally reviewing each ad, it means you lost the purpose somewhere along the way.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 648


Something that is curable with a lot of effort and possibly expense, doesn't kill anytime soon but is very inconvenient, can infect others who interact with you, and will kill you eventually if not treated for long enough, with your condition continuously deteriorating.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 550

While the climate in the past saw changes on a larger scale than visible currently, it never faced them at this pace. They were changes spanning many decades.

2015 was not only the top record hot year in history of weather reports. It was also the record-breaker by the highest margin relative to any prior record-breakers, and with a good margin on top of that. And it's forming a trend with the previous years, not a one-odd.

Not only the *value* of yearly temperature is growing.
Not only the *value growth* is increasing (speed).
The *increase of value growth* is growing too (acceleration)

That means the third derivative is non-zero. We're facing a growth that is at least of order of t^3, It's definitely not something Earth has seen in the past.

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