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Comment Re:Yet another proprietary API... (Score 1) 415

Anybody else think that Apple should ditch Metal in favour of Vulkan? If they want the latest games ported to Mac then they should use an open API that is used on other platforms.

But I am starting to think that maybe ports is not Apple's game... Maybe they want there to be almost only Apple-specific titles on Mac so that people wouldn't compare performance on Mac to that on PC or consoles. Now that they are known mostly for laptops and their desktop machines are also having laptop-grade internals then they are not going to be able to compete on graphics performance anyway.

Ports means you're writing to least common denominator. The point of Metal is to make use of the iPhone and Mac hardware. And big companies like Blizzard are already sigining up to do Metal games. What exactly would be the point to ditch Metal to use some kind of compromise multi-platform alternative that ... IS NOT EVEN OUT THE DOOR YET?

Comment Re:24/7 Live Global Radio (Score 2) 415

And why do the macbook pro laptops come out every year but the mac mini every two years or so? Maybe Apple should outsource low-profit products like mac mini to outside OEM's.

This was already tried in the days of the Mac clones. The clone makers had no interest in the low profit zone and instead tried to poach the high end customers instead. This was why the first thing Jobs did when he came back was to end the clone experiment.

Comment How the polls are created tells more about the.... (Score 1) 150

... pollster than those polled. I noticed that one of the polls was "Would You Buy the Apple 10k Smartwatch". And of course the answer even for most apple smartwatch enthuisasts, is going to be "no". Now if the poll had read "Would you buy the Apple Smartwatch", without the qualifier, the results would have most likely been more towards the yes column. That's the poll you put up if you really want an Apple watch poll, not a troll poll to rally those folks who will knock Apple for no other reason than to have subscribed to the Anti-Apple cult that seems to dominate this board.

Comment Re:Just Starship Troopers? (Score 1) 331

I never understood the whole anti-religion thing of the 3rd movie. Made no sense since in the book every unit had their own chaplain who could be from any ordained sect of any religion and had to counsel someone from any religion.

As I understand it that was true of real life chaplins in the US Army as well.

Comment Re:There might be hope for a decent adaptation (Score 1) 331

The amazing thing that I find about his writing that in spite of all that, he was one of the very first writers who wrote openly about interracial relationships, who put women into strong positions (although never of leadership, except in Starship Troopers), and basically was years ahead of his time.

That's one way of putting it... another valid way of putting it would be that his books became a formula of Cranky Old Ugly White Dude paired with Exotic Young Hot Female.

Comment Re:Not all libertarians against safety net ... (Score 1) 331

Heinlein also used the basic income model in many of his stories. Its not all libertarian, its a balance between a social safety net and libertarian capitalism.

Not all libertarians are against a safety net and basic services like police, fire/rescue and the military. Its more about keeping gov't to an absolute minimum. To match, limit and scale gov't to a clear definable needs, not to have gov't engage in "well meaning" wants.

Fact is... in later life, he railed against programs that benefited him personally when he was down and out in his early years.

Comment Re:Diminishing Returns (Score 1) 422

Agreed. I bought a mid-range Nikon DSLR a couple of years ago (after having spent many years in film photography as a Nikon guy), but I end up still mostly using either my aging Canon prosumer G9 point-and-shoot or the cheap cell phone that's in my pocket.

Sadly, my old vintage Nikon lenses aren't nearly as useful as I thought they would be because even though some are nominally compatible, you give up so many automatic features that even those aren't very useful. So much for Nikon's famous backwards-compatible lenses. I haven't invested in modern Nikon lenses except for the ones that came in the camera kit because I'm not a serious enough photographer to fork out the dough.

Given all that, and since most of us already have more megapixels than we ever need, there doesn't seem to be much reason to buy any new digital cameras until one breaks.

I had better luck using my Minolta Maxxum lenses on a Sony Alpha I bought recently. That's no accident though, Sony purchased all of Minolta's tech when the latter exited the photo business.

Comment Re:Anyone think it's about 'sex w/o a condom'? (Score 1) 197

I'm not the GP, but sometimes there is no elegant way to tell someone that they are, indeed, a dumbass if they still believe any of this trumped-up shit at this late stage in the game. Every word that comes out of the mouths of the "authorities" is a lie. They have no interest in telling the truth or ever letting the truth be known to the unwashed masses. They hate you, they hate me, they hate all of us, with every fiber of their being. If you believe anything less, then you are naive and you deserve whatever you get. Wake up and realize that the powers that be won't be happy until you are completely enslaved in a technological matrix or dead. Count on it.

TThis is extremist ignorance from the other side aisle. Despite all of the Orwell you may have read, states aren't interested in causing pain, misery, and death for it's own sake or just to get their jollies out. States are simply apparati through which a lot of interests political and (most especially) corporate manifest their will. In the process they do a lot of deals and maneuvers for various reasons they really don't want to be aired in the open. And a fair amount of it perhaps, shouldn't be. Since Assange came from Sweden, the U.S. no doubt asked the Swedes for a favor to see if they could dig up some useful skeleton from Assange's past. This particular cold case sounds at the very least plausible.

The powers at be don't want us all dead. After all our purchases run the market, our labor makes things happen. They probably do want us compliant, and they'd rather we choose such compliance of our own free will. It's a lot cheaper and less messy that way.

Comment Re:As far as I'm concerned, Pluto is still a plane (Score 1) 77

I really have problems with the "dominating its environment" rule in the IAU definition of a planet. Much more objective (and non-heliocentric criteria) should be used for defining a planet. Thank goodness the Kepler team has chosen explicitly to ignore the IAU rules when defining what is and is not a planet with their discoveries.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Kepler folks have been following IAU rules with the designation of planets, they're not naming them.

Comment Why is Pluto's status an issue? (Score 1) 77

Trying to convince people that Pluto isn't a planet is about as sensible as trying to convince people that a kilobyte isn't 1024 bytes. Deal with it, and come up with a different name for whatever wacky definitions you want to use in future.

Trying to convince people that Pluto isn't a planet is about as sensible as trying to convince people that a kilobyte isn't 1024 bytes. Deal with it, and come up with a different name for whatever wacky definitions you want to use in future.

For most people, it's not an issue at all. For the remainder, I'd imagine it still would not be an issue if the discoverer of Pluto had been anyone but an American. That's the sticky wicket if they were truly being honest. What we finally have, that's been long neglected is a concise definition of what a planet is, and Pluto doesn't fit the bill. Any redefinition of the word planet to include Pluto would mean having to include hundreds of other bodies and that would mean that the Solar System would have planets that were in the main, nothing more than oversize snowballs.

Comment Re:Six Years Ago (Score 2) 401

The USA IS a republic (right there in our national anthem folks) and the 'progressive' left would be thrilled to change that.

Someone please enlighten me why the fixation on those five words? The Soviet Union called itself a union of Republics. The republic of Yugoslavia was a hotbed of boiling ethnic hatred waiting for the death of a ruling strongman to fly apart at the seams.The Republic of the Congo was an autocratic dictatorship also ruled by a strongman. (for that matter so was most of Greece during the Classical Age when they invented the word} When so many different types of countries can identify as a "republic", it essentially means that it's a term about effectively nothing.

Comment Re:Republican gain a majority? (Score 1) 401

The real point is that we need term limits for congress.

No.. No .. and NO! Term limits is stupid. You are just changing faces, not mitigating the corruption of the institution. The only problem is that voters won't vote out the corruption. I think they do so because it *brings home the bacon* and they want a piece. Term limits has not helped the presidency in any way. Henry Kissinger still has too much influence after almost 50 years! I will remind you too, if you want to see the ineffectiveness of term limits, look to Mexico.

I remember a whole bunch of fresh-faced Republicans who campaigned on platforms of term limits. Guess where every one of them stood on the issue two years later when THEY became the incumbents.

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