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Comment: More Info (Score 5, Informative) 352

by Shadow_139 (#36047430) Attached to: A $25 PC On a USB Stick
Here is some more info I got from a mail list I follow:

> > 1) How long do you think it will be before the boards become
> > available?

> I'd say three or four months. As you can see from the screenshots, we
> have usable Linux, but we're waiting to get final versions of the the
> chip from our supplier.

> > 2) Are there any plans for a version with onboard ethernet?
> I don't think we're likely to do onboard Ethernet; we will have an
> onboard 3-port USB hub so people can add an external adapter.

> > 3) Are there any plans for a version with onboard wifi?
> Yes. The final version (though maybe not the first distributables)
> will have onboard WiFi (probably 802.11n) in the price point.

> > 4) What are the power requirements, both under load and at rest?
> At rest I'd say 50mW (we could trim this if it was really important,
> but it gets a bit fiddly below this point), under serious load
> (original XBox class graphics or 1080p30 H.264), 700mW.

Comment: Servers.... (Score 1) 558

by Shadow_139 (#32014284) Attached to: The Mystery of the Mega-Selling Floppy Disk

In the last year or so you have been able to do the following on a Server with out a Floppy drive:

Flash/Upgrade BIOS.
Upgrade RAID Controller Firmware.
Load RAID / SCSI Controller Drivers into Windows Server OS.

And this has been replaced with doing to an isolated memory located either on-board or connected internally via SD or USB, but 80% of these are emulating Floppy to boot though.

Comment: Re:Really (Score 5, Informative) 102

by Shadow_139 (#30776822) Attached to: Airport Access IDs Hacked In Germany
The kit used, a Proxmark 3 cost ~$470 before P&P but they were been sold at 26c3 for 200 cash-in-hand.

Sounds like somebody who was at the conference has an hour or two to kill in the airport and decided to play with their new toy.....

And to anybody saying you could not get it past security, I got my Netbook, Proxmark3, SIM simulator, a few FON and a big of random USB,wireless & BT dongles past them it no issues {except some of the stuff was removed from my carry-on bay and was double x-rays}.

+ - Nmap 5.00 Released!->

Submitted by
iago-vL writes: "The long-awaited Nmap Security Scanner version 5.00 was just released (download)! This marks the most important release since 1997, and is a huge step in Nmap's evolution from a simple port scanner to an all-around security and networking tool suite. Significant performance improvements were made, and dozens of scripts were added. For example, Nmap can now log into Windows and perform local checks (PDF), including Conficker detection. New tools included in 5.00 are Ncat, a modern reimplementation of Netcat (with IPv6, SSL, NAT traversal, port redirection, and more!), and Ndiff, for quickly comparing scan results. Other tools are in the works for future releases, but we're still waiting for them to add email and ftp clients so we can finally get off Emacs!"
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Comment: BOFH Laptop Security 101 (Score 1) 695

by Shadow_139 (#28179469) Attached to: Keeping a PC Personal At School?
If you do the follow modification to your laptop nobody will ask to us it:

1. Change OS and Software language to Klingon.
2. Replace the current keyboard with a DAS one {or just paint over all the keys.}
3. Set you screen saver and background image to randomly pull images from /B/.
4. Wire the laptops PSU supply directly into the data channel on all your USB ports.

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