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Comment Airplane + Zeppelin = Hybrid Airship (Score 1) 257 257

We couldnt use this?:

Is a merge between a airplane and a zeppelin.

If it stop working, just fall (not too fast) to the ground , but dont catastrophically crash.

It dont go fast and can get moderately big payloads.

And if it have some sort of vectorial thrust, probably it can do vertical lift-of

Comment Re:Some Issues with the Tech (Score 0) 119 119

if the implants get rejected...well...i have a question: there is no way to enginner some kind of implant cover (like a skin) made of the same cells as the patient, but with some kind of layer (may be fat), so the body dont feel like it like a stranger.

Or may be, the sensor can be made of some kind of artificially made neuron made from a cultive of the patient.

Or have a network of progressively more hardware, less wetware, so, near the sensors, is pure wetware, and near the computer interface is pure hardware.

Ahh the coffee is making me thinking weird things...

Comment Frame reference Independence? = Black Hole Probe? (Score 0) 116 116

I have a question:
If this arrangement enables the two sets of particles to see the state of the other ones with no interference of the frame or reference...
what will happen if i drop a pair of those ones in a black hole?
the remaining pair...what will measure? a ever increase rate of information? or what?

Comment Re:It's a black hole! (Score 0) 234 234

not wikipedia says [] ... dark matter isnt necessarily transparent. We cant detect it by out current sensing methods, but it produces gravitational effects on the nearby objects, is like saying: if isnt bright (radiating) is dark :)

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