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Journal Journal: Just a few random thoughts...

Why can't LEGO's come in giant bulk packs, like, saaaaayyyyy... 50,000 pieces in a giant bucket barely smaller than my car? (Grins)

Why CAN'T I run stark-nekkid up & down the street while spanking myself with a kitchen whisk & yodeling drunken pirate ditties? (Silly grin)

Why are we NOT allowed to thwap random people on the nose with soggy Gummi Bears, squeal "!HONK! You're IT!", and run away laughing?

And finally, why is it that, even though I'm a "Nice Guy" (comical coughing, gagging, barfing at the label), I'm not supposed to be the physical embodiment of "Loki" the God of Chaos & Mischief?

Write me - I won't bite unless you ask me to!
8-)P hehehehe

When the bosses talk about improving productivity, they are never talking about themselves.