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Comment: Re:Supression is futile (Score 1) 98

by ShadowFalls (#34638858) Attached to: Pirate Bay Defendant Aims For Sweden's Supreme Court
I know. To relate to another crime such as murder. If a person instructs someone to more easily and effectively use a firearm, does that person then become an accessory to murder because they helped the person to better use it? What about Google? Are they an accessory to murder if someone uses Google maps to find directions to the person who they intend to kill?

Never thought it was a crime to give someone directions... Next time someone asks me for directions, I will just have to tell them I cannot help them for risk of incarceration.

Comment: Re:Was anyone surprised about the privacy bit? (Score 1) 124

by ShadowFalls (#34265900) Attached to: Hacked iRobot Uses XBox Kinect To See World
It looks like the book/movie might come true after all. A bunch of robots controlled remotely will seek total domination. Though I am sure the US military is thinking about ways to incorporate such technology for drones. Someone waving a gun? The drone can detect that and it takes them out. Who needs soldiers to storm buildings anymore? A battlefield with nothing but machines is a scary thought really.

Comment: Re:You can't steal from corporations (Score 1) 300

by ShadowFalls (#34265428) Attached to: MPAA Dismisses COICA Free Speech Concerns
Wouldn't that then imply that stockholders would then be responsible for any laws the company breaks? Or is it only ok to be protected by law and not punishable by it? Because ignorance of a crime doesn't ofcourse remove you from punishment. How many go to jail when they are in possession of stolen property and have no idea it was in fact stolen? Same with not knowing about the crimes of a company that you have a partial ownership of. You do have a right to be heard when you own stock after all. It all comes down to those responsible. But unless the one making the decisions has a controlling stake in that company, they cannot be said to "own" said company. Only partial ownership would apply.

Comment: Re:Why would Verizon care? (Score 1) 481

by ShadowFalls (#34228362) Attached to: Wikipedia Could Block 67 Million Verizon Customers
Just talk to Verizon. See if you can work out a solution for Verizon to take action against the select few. If they don't want to assist, just blanket ban all people from Verizon and tell everyone who gets blocked via a message that their ISP didn't want to cooperate. Other option is to remove anonymous editing (which is bad anyways) and not allow any Verizon customers to make edits. Sad part is this won't stop assholes from being assholes. They will just use a proxy, or a wireless hot spot.

Comment: Re:copyright is not compatible with internet (Score 1) 565

by ShadowFalls (#34129916) Attached to: Cook's Magazine Claims Web Is Public Domain
There is one thing about taking the content and listing it in the magazine, there is another about claiming it as your own. Cook's Magazine only used the public domain defense when they were confronted. Before that, they were happily going along acting like they were the ones who came up with all the stuff. They would have saved much grief if they actually gave props to the people it was due and referenced where they got said material...

Comment: Re:Abode Is The Weakest Link (Score 1) 244

by ShadowFalls (#34059940) Attached to: Adobe Warns of Critical Flash Bug, Already Being Exploited
What is sad is how much resources Flash loves to use. I have an older laptop that can't play a Flash game with graphics equal to the SNES without it using up 99% of the processing power, meanwhile I can play PC games with actual 3D graphics... Wouldn't be so bad if the Flash games didn't lag like crazy too... Once Adobe releases Flash 11, everyone will probably need at least a quad core processor just to use flash content at half speed.

Comment: Re:Facts don't matter (Score 1) 123

by ShadowFalls (#33850536) Attached to: DC Internet Voting Trial Attacked 2 Different Ways
I suppose you could have the system print out the vote and only allow one print per ID. That can lead to some technical concerns. Also the question of whether or not that vote submitted, was altered in any way before it was print out due to the system already being compromised. I don't really see how you can have perfect voting system, whether it is electronic or not. They all have their own sort of failures.

Comment: Re:So happy to be seeing the responses here... (Score 1) 325

by ShadowFalls (#33850522) Attached to: What Tech Should Be In a Fifth-Grade Classroom?
I think the education process is the most important part. Over the years is seems the teachers have lost the interest in caring about how their students are doing. Or they just assign work and leave them be unless a student asks for help. In case of my education, most of it was self taught. Teachers proved to be unhelpful, and merely just dispensed work and tests. Majority of the students didn't do very well because they had parents sometimes working two or more jobs and they just could not teach themselves.

So as a person to teacher, make sure you aren't leaving your students behind. And don't just bury them with work either. The most important part of the education process is to keep the student engaged. Boring them with repetitive tasks and useless facts only makes it harder for them to learn. If they aren't doing well, be supportive and try to determine why this is so. Sometimes giving a damn does do wonders in the classroom.

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