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Comment: Motivation (Score 2) 238

by ShadowEFX (#39684089) Attached to: Voyager and the Coming Great Hiatus In Deep Space

What we need is another good scare. The Chinese are well on the way to their own orbital research station (entirely built by them...no comment on where the tech may have come from) and a follow-on exploration of the moon, the Indians are getting their space program going and will probably partner with China in the near-to-mid term, and the ESA and Russia are continuing with the Mars mission planning without us (thanks, Congress!).

Once we start getting left behind...again...it will freak the right people out and we'll get money once more. I just hope it happens before I'm too old to enjoy the new data and pictures.

Comment: Haven't purchased from them since... (Score 1) 424

by ShadowEFX (#38174106) Attached to: Ubisoft Blames Piracy For Non-Release of PC Game

Ever since they used that Russian malware billed as copy protection, I haven't purchased anything from them. Of course, considering all they release are poorly done console ports it doesn't look like I've missed much.

A general request for the game development community - please go talk with Bioware. They've, so far and with few exception anyway (I felt Mass Effect 2 suffered from some console gimpage), figured out the dual PC/console development process.

A specific request to Ubisoft - go out of business. Please. Let the good developers working for you find jobs with decent companies.

Comment: Re:Please Don't Mix Systems of Measurement (Score 1) 86

by ShadowEFX (#36339030) Attached to: Mars Rover Opportunity Surpasses 30km Driving

Yeah, I didn't realize what a cluster things were in until that incident. I remember one of the reports that came out after the investigation suggested NASA switch to metric for all dealings with the public. It also said that units used were different from center to center, even program to program. I always wondered what became of that suggestion...based on what you said, sounds like not much.

Comment: Re:Please Don't Mix Systems of Measurement (Score 1) 86

by ShadowEFX (#36338298) Attached to: Mars Rover Opportunity Surpasses 30km Driving

Nah, no hate intended...did you read either the WP article, or google the name of the lander? Here's another link for you.

Your line:

You should feel comfortable operating in any unit system. As a technically minded person (as you must be to be posting on Slashdot), you know that the system of units has absolutely no impact on the actually quantity being measured. The use of feet and km in this article make perfect sense. Actually I am so used to using both that I didn't even notice the different units

Seemed like part of a conversation that might have taken place at LMA during this time. Fortunately, it did result in NASA placing even more strict controls on source code, both internal and contract.

I largely agree with your comment - folk should be able to at least understand how metric and Imperial units scale to each other. However, consistency does have its place.

Comment: Re:Like They Weren't Copying Apple with Windows? (Score 1) 596

by ShadowEFX (#35092114) Attached to: Microsoft Vehemently Denies Google's "Bing Sting"

Nope - they were copying a PARC research project, same as Apple. Neither one of them does anything truly original - they both just have the resources/foresight to make big things happen. They both steal from anyone they can, and both pay penalties when they do get caught (numerous examples from MS, best example for Apple is the interface theft from Creative Labs for the iPod).

And if you truly believe Jobs would have turned down the contract opportunities Gates had with regards to the "MS tax" you're crazy. MS just got there first.

Comment: Re:Chrome (Score 5, Insightful) 527

by ShadowEFX (#32475482) Attached to: Apple's HTML5 and Standards Gallery Not Standard

Yes, it did. Many of them also work in Opera. You're just - no offense - too stupid to change your browser's User Agent string so that it identifies itself as Safari, which is the only thing these demos check for.

You are - no offense - an arrogant prick who has missed the point. They claim to advocate standards across the intarwebs for all, putting up a page to view a new whiz-bang standard, but are forcing you to either download their browser, or take (what are to normal users) extraordinary means, to view the content.

Ability to change the User Agent has nothing at all to do with anything in this case.

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