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Comment Re:Here's What I Know (Score 1) 644

... they deduct the difference between $167 and $116 as a "loss" to reduce their taxes.

I recently had an angioplasty to install a couple of stents. I got a copy of the bill the hospital sent to the insurance company. Total cost: ~$60,000. What the insurance company paid the hospital: ~$2,000. My co-pay: ~$600. So the hospital gets to write off ~$57,400? It's all just a big game and it sucks ...


Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Do most programmers understand the English language?

Shadoefax writes: I have been developing Firefox add-ons for several years and all so far submitted to AMO have been translated (localized) into several different languages. My latest add-on is geared more to the web developer as opposed to the average web browsing user. (It is a utility for examining JavaScript Objects and their methods and properties.) By my reckoning, I believe JavaScript, HTML, CSS and the DOM are all pretty much designed to be easily understood by English language readers.
My question is this: Can I assume that most programmers understand the English language well enough that I may forego localizing the UI? While this will save time, effort and bloat, it may also restrict the usage of (what I hope) is a useful tool for developers.

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