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Comment: Re:Will this expedite product requests? (Score 1) 107 107

I'm still waiting for a Leonard Nimoy Futurama head-in-a-jar with Real Torgo Eating action. Maybe they already sold it.

Like all other cool things on ThinkGeek, it is sold out and will never return, no matter how many addresses you sign up for the "Notify me when in stock" list.

Comment: Re:GeekDesk! (Score 1) 348 348

This is why I got my department to buy me a GeekDesk a couple of years ago.

We've been using Kangaroo desks. We went to them after trying out a few Ergotron sit-stand desks that were just too flimsy.

We've got about a dozen now and there have been nothing but positive reports including a few that have lost weight (not a controlled study). The best tool we've found for making sure the desk gets used is to have your PC read off the time every half-hour as a reminder to switch. I don't have one of the desks, but I use the half our reminder to get up and move around if I haven't recently.

Comment: Re:I live in Montgomery County, MD... (Score 1) 784 784

My wife and I and our kids were just talking about TFA this morning. The reaction that I got from my kids (8 and 10) was something like "huh?". We live just a few doors from a park where all the neighborhood kids play together, unsupervised, when the weather is nice.

I was raised in Montgomery County, back in the 80's. I remember it was quite a change from where I had lived in California because none of the yards in Maryland had fences. During summer, we'd walk or bike to friend's houses or to the junior high to play basketball. We probably had a range of 5 miles, with the only direction "Be back by dinner."

I can't believe this is the same place I used to live.

Comment: Re:Is it more difficult? (Score 1) 241 241

It is mind boggling to me that everyone seems to have gotten hoodwinked into thinking a "Like" button provides more benefit to the company than the things which keep corporate data intact.

Maybe I'm lucky but I've only seen that where I work after all the basics are taken care of. With all of the tools and services available these days, I'd assume that the basics like data integrity, telephones are *locked down*. If your basics are causing trouble, you are definitely doing it wrong.

I think more and more IT is becoming a manager of services, instead of a manager of servers. When there are companies out there making the basics easy to manage, then you can afford the time to get the Like buttons running.

Comment: Other 'M' companies (Score 4, Insightful) 57 57

McDonalds' was in China in the 90's. There are dozens of other M companies in the Fortune 500. I'm surprised only one fits the profile. Merck, MorganStanley, McKesson, Monsanto, Marriott, Manpower, MGM Resorts, Micron, etc. That was the time to setup in China, I wouldn't be surprised if it was something like MRC Global, Inc and the MS hint was dropped just for headlines.

Comment: Re:Journalists are fair game (Score 1) 197 197

When a journalist writes a bulls--t story about you ought to know whos paying their bills and who their friends are.

What I want to know is when did anyone with a blog/website suddenly become "a journalist"? Is the bar really that low?

I can setup a domain and pound out some page-view inducing BS; am I a journalist then?

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.