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Comment: Not that bad. (Score 1) 1

by Sertis (#49102479) Attached to: Home theatre LAN security non existent and never will be
I have an internal pc network, and separate wired networks for media, appliances. In some cases just to prevent them from auto updating to newer firmware that introduces advertising. Just as there is a guest network to keep guests and their kids out of DLNA shares and prevent torrenting. Then as any responsible consumer, the htpc is on a green power strip triggered by the light switch on an occupancy sensor since i can at least be in the living room before the components start sucking the 30 watts of standby power. If someone gets as far as my living room, i either dont care if they want to watch tv, or i am in no position to refuse. These components are designed to be idiot proof and authentication free. I'm not concerned that my infrared remote receivers are not paired, nor do i lose sleep at night that my neighbor could modify a universal remote and prank my tv through the bay windows either. I do concern myself that my locks weren't bump proof or that there wasn't a fire extinguisher near the kitchen, and that there are some vulnerabilities in my Nest.

Comment: Mechanical notch filter? (Score 3, Interesting) 114

by Sertis (#46122121) Attached to: Engineers Invent Acoustic Equivalent of One-Way Glass
seems like it only affects sound or wave functions in a specific frequency as determined by the speed of the air movement or electron migration rates or whatnot. Might not be very effective for general sound insulation unless it's fixed frequency, o (or else you'd hear the generated harmonics). Not too different than active noise cancellation.

Comment: A bit of the old and new but NAND? (Score 1) 25

by Sertis (#42915747) Attached to: Ultrasound Waves Used To Increase Data Storage Capacity of Magnetic Media
This sounds like MO recording with sound waves instead of a laser. I don't see how this works with NAND flash though. Even if you can increase the number of voltage levels stored on a cell after heating, wouldn't each cell need to be exposed in order for it to be targeted by the ultrasonics?

Comment: Only way this will work is (Score 1) 307

by Sertis (#42720467) Attached to: How Proxied Torrents Could End ISP Subpoenas
If someone developed a botnet of proxying servers. As long as users voluntarily install tools that provide proxying services, the responsibility for its use falls on that user. However, if the proxying were the result of an infection by a recognized virus, then there's an argument that the user had no intention or idea that they were proxying material. Not that I'm advocating such an idea, but I believe that if proxied torrents become standard, someone will make such a virus.

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