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Puzzle Games (Games)

+ - The Impossible Puzzle->

Submitted by
Elijah Grey
Elijah Grey writes "Yesterday, I had an idea to make a puzzle to challenge Slashdot and Digg users named The Impossible Puzzle. I just finished it today, and I would like to see how long it takes Slashdot users to solve it. Level 10 gives you the password to a protected blog post so you can post there when you solve it. The resulting file size is 2.53MB so could someone please mirror it for me (if it gets Slashdotted). You can download it here (please only download once). It's a zip file so the the contents, the_impossible_puzzle.jpg, keep its metadata preserved. The protected blog post will be unlocked after 3-5 people solve the puzzle. Collaborate in the comments if you want. (If someone makes a mirror, please change the download link with their link.)"
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