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Comment: Art (Score 1) 250

by Sentax (#45584965) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Beautiful Network Cable Trays?
Get regular trays, hire the CEOs trendy artsy friend (they can afford this because of how much pride they put into office design) to come in and paint some cool abstract design on them (even get more super cool by asking the people around the office for ideas on what to paint, even custom designs near their desks for that extra pretentious look to match their black rim glasses) and bam, you got what you want.

Comment: Re:Bye Bye Monopoly (Score 4, Interesting) 295

by Sentax (#28986899) Attached to: Underground App Store Courts the Jailbroken
I kinda disagree. I showed my jailbroken iPhone to one of my computer illiterate friends and he was impressed with the Winterboard themes, said I should show him how, which I agreed, and said the next time I'm at his place I'll show him. Come a few weeks later, I see him and guess what, he jailbroke it himself... So, I think the average Joe's are even getting sick of the Apple restrictions and are willing to stick their head out there a bit to try this cool jailbreaking.

Comment: Re:Binary Encoded Messages (Score 2, Interesting) 254

by Sentax (#28885297) Attached to: SMS Hack Could Make iPhones Vulnerable
If there is a vulnerability with said character, then just using it would not be legitimate until the problem was fixed on the phone firmware.

Cleaning the character at the carrier could prevent problems spreading to the phone and be a "quick fix", but doesn't make it go away, the phone would need to release a patch eventually, then you can use your Unicode heart character (or whatever else char it is) in your text messages again.

Comment: Re:Even More Interesting (Score 0) 324

by Sentax (#28594631) Attached to: Goldman Sachs Trading Source Code In the Wild?
The real question is how could GS let one single developer have complete access to the whole source code at the same time? It's like Microsoft giving the person that is improving the calculator for the next version of Windows complete access to kernel code, etc.

I'm not positive on the position that Sergey was in, but if he is very low level developer of the code for GS, then they should of done more background checks, personality checks, whatever you can think of checks to ensure that he's a trustworthy employee to have complete access.

Comment: Against the law (Score 1) 4

by Sentax (#28235973) Attached to: Microsoft Censoring the Search Term "Sex"
It's against the law in India:

"This is a violation of the law, as search engines are providing access to information that leads to female infanticide," said Sabu Mathew George, an activist campaigning for tighter regulation of information available on the Internet on sex selection.

Comment: Re:The rise of Hulu (Score 2, Informative) 591

by Sentax (#27713005) Attached to: Time Warner Shutting Off Austin Accounts For Heavy Usage
I myself was curious of what I was transferring per month, I started metering on the 13th of April and today the 25th I have already transferred 26.4GB since then. There was a couple days of downloading MSDN stuff that was in the GB range that put me up there but I tend to do that a lot, I'm afraid I'll reach the 24GB in one week no problem if I have to do a lot of transfers, that I need to for my home business!

Good thing is I have FIOS to fall back on if they start giving me shit.

Time Warner, why do you have to give yourself such bad publicity right now, you know you're under the magnify glass!

Comment: Re:Caffeine step down (Score 1) 700

by Sentax (#27491411) Attached to: Beware the Perils of Caffeine Withdrawal
I myself was addicted to coffee (Sounds like I'm in a support group) but really didn't know it until I switched to a stronger coffee (french roast) made with the french press. Let me tell you, I got so much caffeine I'm sure I was intoxicated from it, even though it was soo good. My quality of life went down drastically, I would experience anxiety and nervousness from it. It took me about 6 months to make the connection that it was the coffee (dur!). So at that point I went to the drip style coffee and went half decaf and half regular for a while, still was occasionally feeling the symptoms, so I went to all decaf. I can still amazingly feel the caffeine after two large cups of coffee in the morning just from decaf, but my body accepts it better.

I'm guessing I raised my levels of caffeine so much that my body didn't like it, now I can't even drink a soda without feeling the same old stuff that made me quit.

So, I guess I'm not upset that I had to give it up because decaf is my savior because I like the taste of coffee too. And when it comes to soda I just drink the pure zero, which is a good alternative.

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