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Comment: It's stupidly ignorant to deny reality. (Score 1) 384

Reality is that which survives all attempts to deny it's existence. We've had same-sex relationships since we've had humans. And denial- by deliberate editing one reality out of a game- is denial at the core. Hell, like as not there's MORE money to be made from inclusiveness than exclusion. Quite apart from the purported social values cruft that usually gets invoked about now. Rest assured- in time- the money will dictate inclusion if nothing else does first. Me personally- I wish the companies would GTFU and act adult= have some diversity options.
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Journal: AB-1513 may be entangled with Telecomuting ban motivations.

Journal by Senior Engineer

Telecommuting makes so much sense that there needs to be a REASON for companies to ban it. There's now a plausible explanation for motive to defy logic on Telecommuting. Bans on remote work up the demand for Bay Area housing. So it's not an unwarranted concern that AB-1513 is a bid to exploit it by dubious legal moves.

Let's consider however- the Pogrom on Telecommuting as now explained.

Comment: Re:Funding (Score 1) 143

by Senior Engineer (#45933201) Attached to: Mars One Studying How To Maintain Communications With Mars 24/7
For perspective- look at funding for politically forged wars. If we gave that money to 50-50 Governmental and NGO Space groups? Damn- we could have Colonies before the ISS refunding expires. Call it funding the Colonies with a Peace Dividend? A real&viable Deep Space Mesh is a SPECIES Infrastructure investment. The initial Mars Colony using it is just one early adopter:> In case I was not bluntly unsubtle enough- Homo Rarely Sapient likely is spending more on wars and similar anti-humanity ventures than Colonies would absorb till they were self-sustaining.= trading partners and even EXPORTERS but to OTHER COLONIES... I unashamedly believe that our hopes depend upon keeping Outwards and Inwards in balances. The game changer is now we we can send factories to build from in situ and that makes communications a pass/fail element. Those "First Robotic Preparers" having rock stable communications might make or break the whole effort.

Comment: Re:Put a communications relay satellite ... (Score 1) 143

by Senior Engineer (#45933041) Attached to: Mars One Studying How To Maintain Communications With Mars 24/7
Look at what the DD-WRT project's mesh applications have done and apply the SAME process models to the aging sat fleet. In one evaluation- much of the older and getting old sat fleet is comparable to a WRT54. In orbit, already ripe for rework. The correct Solvings are in CONCEPTS rather than specifications. Heavily redundant meshes can neatly handle "Latency Ignored" traffic. The "How to" I propose for affordable builds has an amusingly quaint approach. Recycling! Re-assign existing satellites to turn OUTWARD. And move some to applicable stations along the route .. Yeah- they will need non-trivial work in "some" cases to refit for the new missions. And we need either robotic or human on-orbit work capabilities or this stays fictional. BUT- the fractional costs compared to build-launch-deploy new sats might sell the idea. Example found in just how many birds we burned up as opposed to deploying for space relays. Bolt them onto other traditionally WASTED transfer vehicles- refuel- and send out to stations for a Deep Space Mesh. Oh- yeah part 2- Fuel comes from...Lunar Fuel Depot or the Martian Processors that Zubrin's group is betting on . Hell, The past wasted ISS resupply craft might have been resources enough to DO this as salvage. The Photovoltaics we've burned up in deorbited birds arguably by now could have made a fracking Powersat- even one directed OUT to power Mesh Elements? Damned exciting and could be a trifle financially lucrative in a few generations. Imagine having bought International Cable Routes when Morse was the best mode existing. Teal Deer: Use what we have been raining down on our planet to build a mesh outward bound!

Comment: Systems Evaluation=Enhanced Safety. (Score 1) 148

Make no mistake in evaluation of the result. Tesla developed and deployed an evolutionary step in the DNA of Adaptive Chargers. Do we "know" if other EV chargers have or had similar code? We may never know due to the sad facts of Closed Source and those corporate cultures still clinging to it. EV charging is inherently either a dumb load or an algorithmic ADAPTIVE& Smart- citizen of the grid.

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