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Comment: Re:frosty piss (Score 1) 664

by Seng (#46913195) Attached to: Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps

No lie... My ex-father-in-law fell prey to one of those "you won the lottery" BS scams, and cashed out about $13k of credit cards before he wised up. Local cops & the FBI wouldn't do a damn thing. "We have things like murders and real crime to track down, so this isn't a high priority."

A phone is going to get a report written, and forgotten about.

Comment: Re:"we have guns" . . . (Score 1) 468

by Seng (#41515795) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Incentives For IT Workers?

It also only works if management is actually prompt to do the bonuses.... We have a relatively decent incentive plan where I work, and it's supposed to be paid quarterly. Not once in the past 2 years has it been paid on the quarter - In fact, they're 3 months late, and God forbid they ever "stack" the late ones together to make it a "Very Nice Bonus".

Having an always-late incentive definitely lessens the amount of hard work you're willing to put in if you never see it.

Comment: First of all, it's a losing battle (Score 1) 454

by Seng (#41020053) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Best Setup a School Internet Filter?

I worked for a company that sold web filtering devices primarily to schools. The school admins spent more time hunting down proxy sites, web proxy sites, figuring out how to block kids running SSH tunnels off their home PCs and tunneling with putty on a USB stick. The web filter did awesome, until you got one smart alec in the mix and taught everyone else how to bypass it. THEN you start in on locking down the PCs with GPOs, adding layer 3 filtering for external proxy sites, prohibiting any unknown executables from ever running (yeah, makes those self-extracting printer drivers fun).

Glad I'm out of that business.

Comment: Hockey? Really? (Score 1) 258

by Seng (#39849637) Attached to: The Science of Handedness

Whoever decided that it would benefit hockey to have everyone the same handedness is a flipping buffoon. There's a huge advantage to having people that shoot left/right on different parts of the ice depending on the play.

That being said, hockey is one sport where there are tons of people that usually write right-handed, bat right-handed, golf right-handed, but shoot a puck left handed.

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