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Comment I'm laffing... (Score 1) 123

I work for a company that has to support several CRAPTASTIC GE medical apps. They can't keep the software running in a very limited Windows environment where the clients run on very specific support versions of Internet Explorer. They're planning on moving apps to the cloud where the clients might end up running on anything from Chrome to IE11? LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Not a snowball's chance in hell!

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 599

My rates went up about 25% the first year, deductibles DOUBLED. Second year, another 25% on the premium, they game us some funky health savings fund as a "bonus" but after you go through the $500 the company places in there, you're on the hook for the next $5000 in deductibles.

We used to have a nice 80/20 plan...

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 599

People getting subsidies that weren't supposed to get subsidies, or got too much, and now have no job, but have to pay back some of the subsidies because it's not counted as income?

Oh, don't forget that the IRS sent out everyone's 1099 (or whatever it was) with incorrect info, causing people to have to pay their tax-prep service AGAIN for amended returns.

Great process, that Obummercare is.

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