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Comment: Re:To think I once subscribed to this site (Score 1) 141

You say that like being "Fed" means it isn't going to happen. But in reality, it is going to happen from higher levels than LOCAL. Locally bad police are isolated, federally bad police means you'll NEVER get fairness/justice if wronged. The problem with Leftwing view is that bigger is better, and I disagree with that premise from the start.

Assuming the Fed police isn't corruptible is the last thing I would do.

Comment: Re:Libertarians are to the right of Republicans (Score 1) 141

By "Far Right" you mean those that oppose government forcing people to things, then yes, I am "far right"

Left wingers love to use government force, but hate it when applied to them. I oppose Government force for just about everyting, except to stop an actual crime in progress, or to arrest someone who actually harmed someone (unlike Eric Garner, who harmed nobody but the state)

Comment: Re:Trains (Score 1) 172

by Archangel Michael (#49629719) Attached to: Self-Driving Big Rigs Become a Reality

My car, traveling the 500 Miles to my mother's house, averages around 65 miles per hour, including the one stop for gas. A train to the the vicinity, averages about 1/3 that, because of the stops along the way it makes, that my car doesn't. Nothing like taking a 8 hour drive and making it nearly 24 hours. And no, this isn't highly dense populated areas, this is through the central valley of California. And no, HSR isn't going to solve this problem either, it is only going to make it marginally better.

Comment: Re:FTYF, Submitter (Score 1, Informative) 332

by Archangel Michael (#49629477) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery

$1300 error for a $10,000 hospital bill. That is a three hour Emergency Room visit, maybe less.I know, I've had to go to the emergency room for an eye injury and the bill was close to $15,000 (Fifteen Thousand), and including waiting time to release was about 4 hours. You want to know why this shit is expensive? I saw a dozen "Non-emergency" patients in the waiting room, a number of them went in before me (my eye was gushing blood). I won't tell you why, because you'll call me a troll. My guess is my bill paid for their bills, and a few others.

Comment: Re:It's all politics, all the time (Score 1) 345

talking points to push their cronyism

Both (D) and (R) do this. Your view that the (D) don't (or do it less) while (R)s do (or do it more) is why you're a (D) supporter. I see both (D) and (R) doing what you're claiming, equally and repeatedly. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Cronyism is what happens when we stop fighting for liberty. Neither (D) nor (R) fight for liberty. They just fight over which chains to apply. ;)

Comment: Re:It's all politics, all the time (Score 1) 345

Here is the point between you two, NEITHER of you know anything. Which is kind of the point. How do we know anything at this point? We can't! Which is kind of the point. We should be ABLE to, but we can't. We simply have to "trust" Hilary (not named after Sir Edmund Hillary {two Ls} ) isn't lying to us ... again. Probably another "vast right wing conspiracy" (what she claimed about Monica).

I'm not convinced she did anything wrong. I'd like to verify what she did was on the up and up. Sorry if I don't trust her word, after all she thinks armed guards protects her email server from hackers.

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