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I rather doubt Bush was stupid as the Left made him out to be. And I rather doubt Obama is as smart as the Left wants him to be.

What I can tell you, is that as bad as GWB was (awful), he at least tried to pretend to do his job, while Obama seems to be going from Fundraiser to Vacation to Fundraiser to Golf to HipHop to Basketball, while the world is burning around him.

Rome is burning, and he is the new Nero.

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by Archangel Michael (#47526779) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

"At-Risk Schools" is bullshit misnomer. These schools get ALL sorts of extra money other schools don't. Let me tell you, money is not the issue, the issue with "At-RisK" is the parents of the kids who are "At-Risk". These people are lower educated because many (most?) do not value education. They are lower Economic, because they are lower educated. And because they are lower economic, they don't see a way (even if you tell them) out of their situation. I am not going to say they are lazy, because many of them do very hard labor work.

The issue is, they would rather spend what little (if any) extra money they have on things that do no provide opportunity for their families. The families who figure it out, are out of poverty in one generation, maybe two. IF you want to fix "At-Risk" schools, you'll have to start with the Parents.

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by Archangel Michael (#47526707) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

Actually there is. I refer to you Google Classroom (using Google Apps for Education).

This provides interactive access to the students up to 24 hours every day. The teacher gives feedback and the student receives it immediately, regardless of whether or not they are in class at the time. With Hangouts a "sick" student can be in class, and participate without having to infect classmates with Virus of the year. And so on.

What is a waste of money, is spending it on is old style industrial education items like "Chalk and blackboards", 35 MM movies/VHS', and Books that are obsoleted every time Pearson and Congress comes up with the latest greatest version of Education (e,g. NCLB, Common Core). Imagine being able to get Creative Commons Licensed material/media/books that are Free and edited on the fly to conform to every Jurisdiction's lame-ass requirements, which ultimately will leave politics out of education (once it shows how silly it a lot of it really is). Tie in Khan Academy, and MIT courseware and ..... and you have EDUCATION that goes through PhD level work available ... for free ... for anyone.

I foresee the time when we dump Industrial Education and start providing kids all the education they can handle at any age and quit trying to pigeon hole them into "age" segregated classes, and start putting them into online sessions with educational peers.

And at $200 ea. Chromebooks offer even the lowest income people a chance to own technology that can help bridge the education gap. $200 buys one, maybe two textbooks these days, something school districts have to do every year or two. Are they as capable as a Laptop? Probably not, but they are usable for 85% of what kids need in school.

To be honest, I don't know whether or not to feel sorry for your kids, or you. Here we live in an age where the world is at your fingertips and you spouting off like it is a pure scam. Kind of hypocritical of you being on /. (using a computer and all) don't you think?

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by Archangel Michael (#47526553) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

Because Every Student Needs AutoCAD and Photoshop!

Well that and yes, you can do Photoshop and AutoCAD on Chrombooks, via VDI infrastructure like VMWare View Desktops, like we are. It isn't as nice as $1500 specialized workstations and 22" monitors but it works in a pinch (and at home). So, you have VDI for remote work, a Lab full or real Computers for classwork, and not spend a shit ton of money on laptops that are used 85% of the time as IM and Typing stations.

Spending money is easy when it isn't yours.

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by Archangel Michael (#47515239) Attached to: Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

Just design it to be 64.1 times more dense. I'm not an electrical engineer, but i would think a little advanced materials application should move the ball at least half way towards to goal, and I'm sure that there is already non-commercially viable means to do just that. Applying engineering to get the rest of the way should push the cost of the first half down further.

Unless someone is pushing the ball, progress may stall. I see this as Google pushing the ball, and that by itself might be worth it.

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Business is neither moral, nor immoral but AMORAL. People are either moral, or immoral, they are not amoral. Everyone is a hypocrite, at some point will violate their own moral code. This is called situational ethics, and is popular in politics.

If your personal code of ethics prevents you from doing business with people who are hypocritical(evil, bad, immoral etc), then you'll be doing business with nobody, The best you can do is do business with people who support your ideals more often that the other guys.

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by Archangel Michael (#47507955) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

Personally, I would say buying iOS devices is a mistake generally, but not necessarily in every case. I'm in Educational IT (K-12), and have seen quite a number of pilots in our district trying to decide what is "best" option. The answer is, "it depends".

Personally, I see much more value in Chromebooks in education, especially when tied to Google Apps For Education (GAFE). Have you heard of Google Classroom? Having taken a look at the promo videos (yes, I understand) but if it is half as easy as it looks, it is going to change how we do education.

Add in things like Khan Academy, and other "online" educational material, the world is our oyster field. I see, in the future, customized education for every student, where we break free from the industrial model of Education.

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by Archangel Michael (#47507885) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

Actually, most teaching is done between K-8 schools, is simply basics. And some of it is really basic, even in 8th Grade. You don't start getting interesting until High School. Then again, Math and science is "hard", and therefore isn't really promoted. Higher level math and science (Calculus, Physics, Chemistry etc.) are so hard, that most teachers don't know the subject well enough to actually teach it.

But then again, I remember my college roommate's girlfriend going for her teaching credential, and couldn't do basic math in her head, and used a calculator and still got the wrong answer. Teaching seems to be the last resort for certain people, after all, you don't need a PhD to teach kindergarteners?

But when you pay a K-6 teacher the same as a HS Math and Physics teacher, you start to see the real problem.

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While it is possible to fill your Data pathways up. Aggregate data is not the same as Edge Server data. In the case described above, s/he is running 300 x 10GB on 50 Servers. Okay, lets assume those are 50 Blades, maxed out on RAM and whatnot. The Only way to fill that bandwidth is to do RAM to RAM copying, and then you'll start running into issues along the pipelines in the actual Physical Server.

To be honest, I've see this, but only when migrating VMs off host for host Maintenance, or a boot Storm on our VDI.

Comment: Re:rfc1925.11 proves true, yet again (Score 5, Interesting) 83

Your 300 x 10GB ports on 50 Servers is ... not efficient. Additionally, you're not likely saturating your 60GB off a single server, and you're running those six 10GB connections per server to try to eliminate other issues you have, without understanding them. You're speed issues are elsewhere (likely SAN or Database .. or both), and not in the 50 servers. In fact, you might be exasperating the problem.

BTW, our data center core is running twin 40GB connections for 80 GB total network load, but were not really seeing anything using 10GB off a single node yet, except the SAN. Our Metro Area Network links are is being upgraded to 10GB as we speak. The "network is slow" is not really an option.

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