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Comment Re:should be interesting (Score 3, Interesting) 325

a) Now he had an STD....? That's news.

b) Nobody except the Swedish prosecutor is sure what exactly he's accused of. The Swedish police didn't think he'd done anything, they let him go. The prosecutor only became interested int he case when she was on a fishing trip through the police computers using the search term "Julian Assange". After she found his name on a police statement she called the two girls in and persuaded them to upgrade their query to "complaint" so she could call Assange in. Both the girls later regretted doing this after they figured out what was really going on and how they'd been manipulated by the prosecutor.

c) He has hasn't been _charged_ with anything, he's wanted for an *interview*. He's offered to do the interview on numerous occasions, just not in Sweden; Because Sweden has a weird law that allows them to "lend" him to the USA.

Comment Re:Billionth (Score 1) 127

The British Government officially adopted the "short" billion in 1976 for all government statistical reporting. So that battle is long over.

So the two countries that clung to feet/pints/bushels/furlongs the longest have decided to agree.

And have both agreed to something the rest of the world doesn't recognize.


Comment Re:Facebook is already declining (Score 2) 250

Go back a few years and AOL and Yahoo were juggernauts. Go back before that and IBM was hot.

Sure, but... nobody wanted any of those. They were just tolerated until the real thing came along.

The migration was swift when the real thing appeared.

People seem to want Facebook. It will be very difficult to overturn that (Microsoft and Google have both failed and I'm sure Facebook can copy/buy anything that looks like a threat).

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