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PC Games (Games)

DC Universe Online To Launch January 11th 49

Posted by Soulskill
from the dust-off-your-cape dept.
Sony Online Entertainment has announced that their long-awaited superhero MMO DC Universe Online will be launching on January 11th in the US and January 14th in the UK. The game will be available for Windows and the PlayStation 3. Massively recently wrote up their impressions from the beta test, and a preview at The Escapist said this of the combat: "Based on my early experiences, the action of DCUO is a lot of fun. You can lock onto targets, but there is no auto attack button. To take down enemies, you must click a button to punch or fire a ranged attack. The brawler-style action feels like a wham-bang comic book. Scenery is not just difficult terrain; picking up barrels and tossing them at your foes is sometimes necessary for tough encounters. Leveling up your skills unlocks combos, with varying effects that can interrupt enemies from pulling off that devastating fire breath or stunning punch. ... The only downside with such frenetic combat is that the keyboard and mouse interface isn't really conducive to all this action. It's hard to follow up nine short left clicks with a long right button click. While I was visiting SOE's offices, I was able to play with a PS3 controller, and this control scheme was preferable."

Comment: Re:News flash: NASA discoveres there's life on ear (Score 1) 380

by Sebilrazen (#34422642) Attached to: NASA Confirms Discovery of Organism With Phosphorus-Free DNA
I'm super jealous, honestly. I'd love to sit around watching them debate this stuff over beers with them using pretzel sticks, peanuts, popcorn, etc. to create models to argue their points in real time. As long as the bureaucrat wasn't around to speed things along.

Truth be told, female scientists get me hot.

Comment: Re:Not sensitive (Score 1) 355

by Sebilrazen (#32419522) Attached to: Thumbprints Used To Check Books Out of School Library
Let me get this straight, you're using the frequency of an evolutionary based behavior (pack dominance) that requires no intelligence as an indicator for the frequency of something that requires a fair amount of intelligence and does nothing for the aggressor?

I just want to make sure I understand the frame.

Computers can figure out all kinds of problems, except the things in the world that just don't add up.