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Comment: Re:So much for... (Score 1) 743

If people get in wrecks and become dependent on government assistance programs as a result of disabilities caused by their injuries, is it wrong to put in place laws that can be demonstrably shown to lessen the severity of those potential injuries? In one instance, you may be burdening individuals with laws "for their own protection," while in another instance you may be potentially burdening tax payers with providing support for someone who is otherwise incapable of providing for their self.

Comment: Preserve Cultural Heritage (Score 4, Insightful) 155

by Sean_Inconsequential (#43839953) Attached to: <em>Star Wars</em> Episode 4 To Be Dubbed In Navajo

How does dubbing a movie that has nothing to do with Navajo culture help preserve Navajo culture? Not trying to troll, I am asking honestly. It seems a bit insulting, the insinuation being that the whole of their culture is distilled down to their native language.

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