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Comment Re:I thought Hawking said we should avoid aliens.. (Score 1) 208 208

Yes, clearly Earth is the best place to get resources. They certianly would want to venture down it to our gravity well to get out water ( ) and our precious metals ( ). They may want to eat us ( , ). But maybe these are all the stupid ideas of stupid primates. They are just as likely to visit for our political and religious ideas.
      The most likely explanation for lack of contact is that there is nothing but pain to be experienced by dealing with us. We still degrade form old age and die from cancer. We murder each other over stupid plants and petty territorial squabbles. If aliens know us they wouldn't want contact.

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 1) 549 549

"Don't you have laws against unlicensed people fiddling with brakes?" That's all we need, some buracracy telling me I need a piece of paper to repair my brakes. We already have enough certificates that mean absolutly nothing.
So instead of putting my car on jackstands and switching out the pads and bleading the system my self for $80. I go to a "Certified" loser and pay $8,000 for a guy to mangle up the fasteners and use substandard parts. But that's ok, I have a piece of paper saying it was done so I am leagle.
P.S. I'm selling oil change insurance, would anyone like to buy?

Comment Re:Body transplant (Score 1) 522 522

It might be the other way around. Were to the proteins responsible source from? Head or body.
Like that experiment where they sew a young and old mouse together as a kind of Siamese twin.

Comment Re:Big problem? No. (Score 1) 321 321

The problem here is that, the Bit Torrent trackers insert IP numbers randomly and non randomly, that are not actually connected. These people are then logged as copyright infringes, despite having nothing to do with the tracker. This is not hard to do and does muddy the waters for the know nothing CSI monkeys who think that this is hard evidence of liability or infringement.

Comment Re:HATE AMERICA WEEK (Score 3, Insightful) 240 240

The difference is the ideas. The idea of America is being lost. What is leftover when that is gone is just another place. May as well be called just Homeland. The ideas that are traditionally associated with America are not espoused by those that use the term Homeland.

Many people write memos to tell you they have nothing to say.