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Comment: Misleading indeed! (Score 4, Informative) 190 190

IMAX sucks. The few theaters you find in science museums, the original IMAX screens, are pretty cool, but the vast majority of tiny screen theaters being marketed as IMAX and up-charged accordingly are lies! My I's have seen more, that is not their MAX!

Comment: Re:Overstated or misrepresented? (Score 1) 403 403

I'm the original poster, realized I was logged out. I watch the trip computer, resetting it between each fill-up, but I also log mileage vs. how many gallons I put in at fill-up, then averaged those numbers over a month of driving. The trip computer at each fill-up was consistently 1-2 MPG over what I got from my calculations. I'm giving numbers based on those calculations however, as the trip computer was indeed showing 33.6 MPG for the purely highway driving, and my calculations put me right at 32 MPG.

Comment: Re:Driving style (Score 1) 403 403

I commented as you did, but apparently was not logged in. At any rate, I drive a turbo 2.0L now, and I get 24-25 MPG with a 2/3 split of city/highway driving, which is under the average on the sticker, but when I first got the car, I tested the MPG rating by accelerating slowly from every stop, driving at exactly the posted speed limit for city (25/35/45) and highway (55/65/70) everywhere I went and it hit the estimated numbers exactly. Driving only highway at the speed limit, I reached 32 MPG. Now, I don't drive that way usually, because, it's a turbo performance car, but driving style really does equate to good or bad fuel economy. Just because a car "can" reach those ratings, doesn't mean it will always reach those ratings regardless of other factors. On that point, pretty much anyone that drives a Prius around my home town drives it like it's a performance car, so I can only imagine they don't get the numbers they think they should either.

Comment: Re:Time to move into the Century of the fruit bat. (Score 1) 1198 1198

It appears Clayton Lockett confessed to "first-degree murder, rape, forcible sodomy, kidnapping, assault and battery, burglary and robbery" with an 18 year old girl being the target of a lot of that, including the murder, so...

Comment: Re:Wrong, study shows disfavor with science. (Score 1) 482 482

The way it was worded, the participants were 70% likely, not 70% of the participants were likely. How you determine that someone is 70% or 45% likely to do something, I don't know... maybe through various questions that led them to say yes or no based on particular circumstances.

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