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Comment This seems like snake oil... (Score 1) 292

Even if I were to believe such a thing were possible, the fact that the Daily Mail is the source makes me roll my eyes and dismiss it... If there's a reputable source, that might be worth reading, but even then it's still a stretch to believe that all people from one culture type in the same way...

Comment Re:Yes I Do Want (Score 2, Insightful) 213

There's quite a difference between what you're proposing and what TFA talks about.

These not bionic eyes, they are contact lenses, and they don't have cameras in them.

You're right that such things could happen, and in some nightmare society, we could end up with compulsary bionics for monitoring purposes.

Buit this isn't anything to do with that.

And you could make this argument about any technological advance. "We've found a way to write in the sky!" "But what if the government uses it for propaganda?"

I also take issue with the social expectations paragraph. If your friends require you to respond that quickly, then you're telling me that you never take a shower, you never sleep, and you never have a social life that involves going to the theatre, the cinema, ice skating... need I continue?

And it IS fear-mongering to expect that. You're telling me that a government organisation (and it'll have to be one that does it) can organise bionic implants for every person in (your country name here) AND manage the massive network and storage infrastructure that would be required to make it work? Given my (the Uk) government's experiences with technological projects, I'm seriously not worried.

We've also had stupid laws for a long time. I don't know if it still is one, but there was a law in the UK that said that you could shoot a man from the walls of York, I think it was, as long as he was Welsh. But you know what? We had an attack of common sense and got rid of it.

And yes, there will be trials and freedom and democracy, because there are still people out there that give a damn, and are willing to swim against the tide.

And you know what? Occaisionally, it works.

Stop being such a pessimist.

Comment Re:I'd think it was obvious to any man (Score 1) 844

If they're disgusting to take off, you're doing it wrong. As far as I can tell, condoms make post-coital cleanup easier, because all the mess that a guy makes is contained.
You just need to tie a knot in the top of the condom, and throw it away. If you're feeling really fastidious about it, wrap it in a tissue first.

Comment Re:Red Bull Cola Tastes like shit! (Score 1) 290

No, what you do is mix it with cheap nasty cheap vodka when clubbing. Neither of them taste very nice, but after enough of them your tongue gives up and you can be drunk and dance for hours. The only downside is the cat that installs itself in your brain overnight, which can be a serious inconvenience in the morning...

How come everyone's going so slow if it's called rush hour?