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Comment: Re:People need to grow the fuck up (Score 1) 181

by Scowler (#46763011) Attached to: How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry
A rational person would realize popular product A has pros and cons when compared to popular product B. That rational person would not get bent out of shape shilling for either product A or product B. That rational person would not dismiss either product A or product B as merely being "shiny".

Comment: Re:Can we quit abusing the word "monopoly"? (Score 1) 282

That depends on how you define your market. If you are just buying a "car" or "truck", you're right. If buying a brand new Honda Civic, and looking for available means of buying a Civic locally, then your regional selection may or may not be large enough such that a particular dealer might have a "monopoly" on selling Civics in your area. Truthfully, when it comes to purchasing NEW cars, I think a majority of shoppers are in between these two extremes... they may have narrowed down their choice of vehicles to two or three models, and start talking to salespeople at that stage.

Comment: Re: Nope (Score 2) 535

by Scowler (#46579401) Attached to: Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion
I think we are describing the same thing. Facebook convinced a couple manufacturers to pre-install that overlay in shipped units, and those probably did not sell great. But the overlay can still be manually installed from Google Play store, as far as I know, as is still in active development. I don't know how many downloads have been made to date.

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