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Journal Sciros's Journal: Vote for Steve Nash!

I doubt many people here are NBA fans, but those that are: VOTE FOR STEVE NASH for the all-star game!! He's behind Tracy McGrady, what's up with that? McGrady is barely playing, he's always injured and he's rubbish compared to Nash as a player altogether.

While you're at it, vote for some forwards in the West better than Battier.

Rockets players (and Yi Jianlian of the Bucks, who is a write-in) are getting overly large numbers of votes because... of China! See, Chinese people only care about teams with Chinese players -- the Rockets because of my man Yao and the Bucks because of Yi. Yes those guys are good and Yao is rightfully an all-star (and Yi has the potential to be one for sure) but their supporting cast is just not up to snuff and is getting far more votes than they deserve because they happen to be the only players people in China know (presumably because every Rockets and Bucks game is televised in China and the others... not so much)!

So, until the NBA realizes that if there are 10 Chinese players in the NBA the all-star game will look like the Chinese National team scrimmaging and does something about how the voting goes (I'm not sure what), we need to vote for the players that *we* want in the All-Star game.

I don't mean to sound like some anti-foreigner guy since I'm an immigrant myself, but really if it's the NBA, which is very much an American sports organization, then the all-star game should really not be so influenced by another country.

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Vote for Steve Nash!

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