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Comment Re:so what? (Score 4, Insightful) 286

I agree it's a bit of a moot point in practice, but it doesn't speak highly of the state of constitutional workings within the USA themselves. If the USA can project whatever amount of armed force they want on the whim of the Executive power, what's the point of having constitutional provisions requiring the approval of Congress to declare war? That's a long running case of exploiting procedural loopholes if there was any.

Comment Re:Chilling (Score 1) 259

Would you happen to be a native German speaker? You seem to imply so. I have a question: several people in those threads have been put off by the word "sedition", with all the baggage it carries, but is it a correct translation from the original German ruling? My German is too rusty for me to dig for the actual German words used, so if you could give pointers...

Comment One of the oldest tricks in the book (Score 1) 89

I'm late on this, but I think it's worth stating.

Step One: a government's minister makes an statement about planned policies that cause an outrage.

Step Two: the prime minister of said government claims reassuringly that said policies aren't actually on the table.

Step Three: the government implements less outrageous policies of the same nature that wouldn't have looked acceptable to the public if it weren't for step One and Two having been performed.

I'm pretty sure there's a name for this trick, but I couldn't find it. It's certainly akin to the Argument to Moderation fallacy.

Comment Re:Moot Point Now (Score 1) 347

It's a bit exaggerated to state it so, but not by much. By every account of knowledgeable people, security forces don't have a need for more ability to collect data, but for more manpower to exploit data. None of the attackers in Paris were unknown to the security agencies. Their radicalization was right there, registered in the files. But the files have grown too huge for the available personnel to handle properly.

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