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Comment: Re:Taxing is not going to fix the problem (Score 1) 470

by Schmorgluck (#45538129) Attached to: EU Plastic Bag Debate Highlights a Wider Global Problem

A much better and more practical idea would be a modest surcharge (5 cents/bag or whatever) which you then get back when you turn them in for recycling (which would be required in every store, not just at recycling centers).

Leclerc stores, in France, have been doing exactly that for nearly 20 years now. 0.07€ for a small bag and 0.15€ for a large. They are not super-sturdy but not bad. They also have more expensive ones, including thermal bags, also refundable.

Comment: Re:You see! (Score 1) 78

Yeah, but it can be argued that a company is an information system, in which the people making the decisions do so according to the informations delivered by the system, informations that are filtered on several levels based largely on what is specifically useful to the company as a whole. It's not that clear-cut.

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by Schmorgluck (#44450453) Attached to: Google Argues Against Net Neutrality

On another note, why is it that Google is held to a higher standard than other companies?

Because for a long time they not only advertised that they supported the principles of the Internet, they also looked like they actually meant it. They seemed to have made respecting the Internet environment a part of their business model. They seemed to have found a niche that was win-win between them and userland. And honestly, for a long time they did pretty good with that.

Honestly, I'm disappointed. Not really surprised, but somewhat disappointed nonetheless.

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