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Comment Re:Let's just skip right to 1984 (Score 2) 167

or the good guys had the data but couldn't sort the wheat from the chaff (in which case, laws to further expand the dragnet of surveillance against the general population will reduce our security, not enhance it, by enlarging the haystack of data through which they're trying to search for the terorist needle.)

Which is exactly what happened, and has been pointed at in an editorial in the Guardian that used the exact same metaphor you did: "When the intelligence agencies are looking for a needle in a haystack, they shouldn’t be adding more hay."

Basically, it's a manpower problem, not a legal one. But every government jumps on that pretext to expand surveillance.

Comment Re:revolutionary technology (Score 1) 172

And as of today we haven't found any other technology that preserves both the integrity of the ballot and the secrecy of the vote (when implemented properly). With numeric voting, you can have one or the other, not both, as far as I know.

Numeric voting can still be useful when it comes to votes from representatives in parliaments (because secrecy is not a concern, so you can focus on integrity), but as far as citizens' votes go, I'm not aware of any algorithm that would cover both imperatives.

Comment Innovation is a buzzword! (Score 1) 248

Government funding and corporate funding both have their perks and their shortcomings. But it's not such a strict divide as some paint it to be. Just like the divide between fundamental science and applied science isn't as clear cut as some like to narrate as. The late Pierre-Gilles de Gennes stated many times how he loathed that later distinction. He stated that his work with industry development departments helped him spot practical issues that had to be systematically examined, which led him to theoretical breakthroughs that would later help feed new industries.

Innovation is totally different from discovery. Innovation is, at best, a clever application of the current state of available knowledges, and may actually turn out useful, if only marginally, At worst, it's a marketing buzzword aimed at milking schmucks intoxicated with a modernist way of thinking.

Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 1) 205

Assange hasn't been charged for "inappropriate sexual conduct" but for rape. He even admitted to the facts. Aside from that, honestly, I really admire the Swedes' tranquil and laid-back democracy, their ability for dialog, the relative humility of their politicians. But I'm French. It's not a good idea to try to hijack France. It may result in uncanny alliances of angry people.

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