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Comment Re:This ruling won't fix anything (Score 1) 203

Assange hasn't been charged for "inappropriate sexual conduct" but for rape. He even admitted to the facts. Aside from that, honestly, I really admire the Swedes' tranquil and laid-back democracy, their ability for dialog, the relative humility of their politicians. But I'm French. It's not a good idea to try to hijack France. It may result in uncanny alliances of angry people.

Comment Re:Laughable (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Nope, the real motivation is compliance to EU laws, like every company has to. Companies who believe they can fully own data about EU citizens and do whatever they want with it are in for a lot of trouble, whatever their nationality. European companies, and even governments, have been condemned too.

Comment Re:The are on both ends of the scale (Score 1) 152

IMHO, there's room for the first and the second, in a sufficiently large structure. Lorraine Steyn is the owner of a small software company, there isn't much room for a non-technical manager in such a context. In general, at least: some successful companies started with the association of a good manager and a tech genius, but they were usually friends.

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