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Comment: In my day... (Score 1) 648

by Schaffner (#48857683) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming

Back when I was in high school the district was thinking about buying a DEC Edusystem, which used a PDP-8/L. DEC brought one in and set it up in the library and gave one week classes in BASIC. The district decided they couldn't afford it so instead they a Compucorp programmable calculator for each school. Maybe that might be something to look into.

Comment: I've got progressives (Score 2) 464

by Schaffner (#48718501) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?

I'm mainly near sighted, but had been using bifocals. That was very annoying when trying to see a monitor while standing higher than the monitor. Had to get new glasses a year ago so I went with progressives. The place I got them said I could return them within one month if I didn't like them. At first they were very annoying, but after a little over a week I got used to them and now they're great. They work fine for me with multiple monitors. But everyone is different and some people never can get used to them.

Comment: Good spot (Score 1) 19

by Schaffner (#41101443) Attached to: XCOR Aerospace Plans a Florida Base For Lynx Suborbital Spacecraft

Florida's a good spot for them. There are no mountains for them to crash in to. Nice flat spaces to make very long runways. In fact, there might be a runway of unusual size that the government isn't using very much that they can use. Also, a handy supply of alligators to turn into a reptilian zombie worker army.

Comment: Re:Trains? (Score 1) 461

by Schaffner (#39107041) Attached to: Nuclear Truckers Haul Warheads Across US

Concord Naval Weapons Station used to have a very large rail network, including in the nuke weapons area. The BNSF and Union Pacific both have main lines that go past the base. A group ran a steam locomotive excursion on the line that went by the base. We stopped there to take photos and unloaded several hundred people. A few minutes later trucks loaded with Marines armed with M-16s were there asking us what we were doing there.

Comment: Re:Oh, they can fuck right off. (Score 1) 258

by Schaffner (#37091116) Attached to: After Cell-Phone Switch-Off, Anonymous Promises BART Protest

BART tickets are also time limited. If you enter a station fare gate you have 3 hours to exit. If you do not exit the system in that time the fare gate will not open and will give a "see station agent" message. You then have to go the station agent and explain what you've been doing inside for so long.

Comment: Luxury! (Score 1) 456

by Schaffner (#35916698) Attached to: Minnesota School Issues iPad 2 To Every Student

> Why in my day, we had to buy our own graphing calculators â" in the snow, both ways, uphill!

Luxury! In my day we could only dream of graphing calculators. We had to make do with 8 digit, 4 function calculators. Only the rich, hoity toity kids had a square root button. Don't even get me started about what we had to do for transcendental functions!


Real-Life Frogger Ends In Hospital Visit 314

Posted by samzenpus
from the going-for-the-logs dept.
BigSes writes "A 23-year old man has been hospitalized after police in South Carolina say he was hit by an SUV while playing a real-life version of the video game Frogger. Authorities said the 23-year-old man was taken to a hospital in Anderson after he was struck Monday evening. Before he was hit, police say the man had been discussing the game with his friends. Chief Jimmy Dixon says the man yelled 'go' and darted into oncoming traffic in the four-lane highway. Has it come time to ban some of the classics before someone else goes out and breaks a few bricks with their heads after eating a large mushroom?"

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