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Submission + - ZENN Drops Its CityCar; EEStor A Mirage? (

Scareduck writes: "Reuters reports that ZENN Motor Company has decided it will not manufacture its proposed CityZENN highway-compatible vehicle. Ostensibly this is "partly due to an increasingly competitive market", but given the multitudinous deadline slippages at ultracapacitor maker EEStor, it's reasonable to ask whether EEStor has ever had a product at all."

Submission + - Obama asks Congress to delay digital TV switch (

Scareduck writes: "President-elect Barack Obama is asking Congress to delay implementation of the digital TV switchover, currently scheduled to take place on Feb. 17, "warning that the TVs of millions of Americans could lose their pictures because of major problems in the government's preparations". "According to the Nielsen Co., about 6.8% of U.S. TV households, or 7.7 million homes, were unprepared for the digital switch as of last month, meaning they had no TVs capable of receiving a digital signal. The percentage is higher in Los Angeles, with 9.46%, or about 535,000 homes unprepared for the switch." One wonders what this looks like in various large markets nationwide."

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