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Comment Re:Apple ][e (Score 1) 623

Almost identically history, AppleBASIC in elementary, onto GW then QBasic in middle school. On to Visual Basic for a few apps in early high school and then into C++ with AP Computer Science. The only difference was that I was the last year of C++ before the transition to Java.

Comment Re:HTML isn't anymore (Score 1) 302

Pretty certain the tools for actionscript3 and actionscript3 itself (the language the flash runtime uses) is far more sophisticated and robust than javascript. AS3 is more comparable to Java and .NET, and would be a wonderful toolset for building web applications. It was everything Java attempted to be (in the browser).

Submission + - Bad Posture contributes to Lower Back Pain (

backpaintherapist writes: In the words of the wise MoriheiUeshiba, a famous martial artist and founder of the Japanese martial art of aikido, “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind”. Humans communicate in a number of ways. Language is our primary means of communication however, that’s only one side of the coin. Equally important is our body language. The way we conduct ourselves around people and the way we hold ourselves as we go about our daily routine is all very important factors to consider for the sake of our well-being. Proper posture is crucial to ensure a healthy life. Generally it is very easy to misunderstand its importance or be oblivious to the harmful effects of bad posture. Neglect and ignorance of these issues can lead people to a life ofreoccurring back pain which forces them to resort to seeking various treatments and extensive back pain relief exercises.

One major cause of lower back pain is poor posture. In our everyday life we often have to spend a long time behinds desks. It is essential to examine the position of the computer screen, the type of chair being used as well as the possible need for footrests, back supports and telephone headsets, all of which, if incorrect, can contribute to poor posture and can directly cause lower back pain and muscle spasm affecting the neck.

Although people in offices spend more time sitting at a desk than the average person, they will be less susceptible to poor posture if they leave their desk at regular intervals. For example leaving to go to the rest room, attending meetings and taking coffee and lunch breaks. Furthermore, regular mobilizing and stretching exercises will help to prevent poor posture. People who surf the internet for long periods of time are more at risk of developing lower back pain as well as neck pain and muscle spasm due to bad posture. It is common to lose track of time while sitting in front of the computer screen and people easily settle in the hunched stance whereby they slouch or lean towards their screen with no support for the back. The spine develops a bend due to prolonged periods of time in this stance and the stress exerted on the lower back leads to back pain and fatigue in the muscles due to inactivity.

The other common mistake that is made by most people is the way they stand. It is common to ignore the posture when people are engaged in a conversation or when listening to someone speak at an event such as a meeting or a seminar. The optimal standing position is with the legs spread a comfortable distance apart with one foot slightly forward and the knees slightly bent. Gently shifting or the weight from one thigh to the other will take the pressure off the lower spine and thereby reduce or event prevents back pain. The weight of the entire body is evenly distributed on both thighs legs and not on the lower back #It is also important not to lean to one side of the body and locking the hip joint as this puts pressure on the hip joint and twists the spine Doing so can lead to unnecessary pressure on the back and hips as it tries to compensate for the stress on one side and can leads to slouching of the shoulders and neck strain.

The easiest way to prevent poor posture while standing sitting, bending and lifting is to learn what it is you are doing wrong while most people think they know how to stand, sit, bend, lift and carry out daily activities correctly, this is not true. Traditional methods do not work! In order to learn the correct methods to preventbad posture thereby learning to prevent lower back pain as well as neck pain yourself, find a specialist back pain therapist who can correctly tell us the right way lower back pain relief exercise your individual needs and devise a correct postural and exercise program for you.

United Kingdom

Submission + - One Third Under 10's in UK Own a Mobile Phone (

hypnosec writes: Nearly everyone is aware of the influence of technology, specifically that of the new-generation telephonic devices on our society. But, when one in every 3 under-ten kids start having their own mobile phones, only then we come to realize how deep rooted the influence really is — yes, that’s what a new report claims. According to the latest findings by the cloud security outfit Westcoastcloud, near about 33 percent of all UK’s under-ten kids are currently in possession of a mobile phone.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Alternatives to Uni

An anonymous reader writes: University seems to me to have four major aspects: learning, helping to get jobs, networking, and as a platform to get into research. Obviously, there are a lot of existing alternatives for networking and learning. Getting jobs also seems to have a few promising alternatives. I'm wondering however, is it possible to get paid to research without a degree? What alternatives do people have for the other aspects of uni?

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 3, Insightful) 121

Isn't that the point of using Google's copy of jQuery for your sight, in lieu of hosting it yourself. You can share the cache with any other site that is pulling the jQuery lib from a trusted 3rd party. After looking at the link you posted, that code may be simpler with respect to size, but in terms of maintenance or having a novice manage it (without introducing cross platform issues), it seems like it may be a nightmare. What would be nice, and Adobe has done this for flash, is to have a separate cache for trusted libraries. It would be nice if I could query to see if jQuery were available in a browser lib cache, and use it from there if available.

Comment Flash has had the same problems (Score 5, Insightful) 315

The flash runtime has experienced the same problems as it was a developing platform. Flash 8,9 and 10 are all still in use today and have different feature sets and programming models. I realize the analog is slightly different as android is an OS and not a runtime, but the fact remains that progress requires this. We as geeks bemoan long development cycles and slow progress. Well the way to get around slow progress is quick iterations, and that gets to you to fragmentation. Adobe has realized this and their rate of development has slowed as they have stabilized on where they want the platform to go. Give android a year or so, and once Google realizes where it wants android to go, the iterations should slow down dramatically, and fragmentation will be a thing of the past.

Comment Re:It has external dependancies (Score 4, Informative) 259

Looking at the source code, it only uses jQuery for an on page load handler. The library itself doesn't have any references to jQuery or to the '$' context that jQuery uses. He probably could have used a body onload tag to achieve the same thing, but then when pushing new web standards and using methodologies from the early 90's, this was probably the safer path.

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