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Comment What a fucking jerk (Score 1, Interesting) 171

His first sentence is that he thinks looking at everyones digital-internal communications is the most difficult, and therefore he wanted to do it because of it being the most difficult problem to solve.

From the article:

" During the panel discussion, you sounded more like a technologist than a business executive, where you're more in tune with what you're actually making as opposed to selling it. What do you consider yourself? Caputo: I'm very passionate about our technology and I'm pretty passionate about the concept with which Sandvine was founded on, and that was to improve the quality of the experience on the internet. When we first set down that path, the idea of looking at every packet⦠we said this is the most difficult problem that we could possibly imagine. The internet is so big, so vast, so continuous. And then we said that's "cool." We're going to attack a problem where we can't imagine there's a more difficult problem. I take nothing away from rocket scientists or biologists who are trying to cure cancer, but in our domain we really couldn't think of a more difficult problem, and that really excited us."

What the hell is that about? Did anyone jump when they read the first part of the article and saw that?

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