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Comment: Re:Any age is fine as long as parents do their job (Score 0) 286

by Satanicolas (#29265963) Attached to: Texting Toddlers, How Young is Too Young?
I was reading Larousse encyclopedia at 4, and it was my most valuable possession until I trade it for a 486DX-100 in 1994 (damn I was stupid), so please pull another number out of your ass 6 years old is unrealistic if you don't know how to read at 6 you have developmental issues or you come from a family with a retarded culture.

Comment: Re:The same for drug industry (Score 0) 442

by Satanicolas (#29260707) Attached to: EA Spends 3x on Marketing Than Development
Prescription drugs are not allowed to be advertised here, still the drugs industry spend billion in marketing. They give free conference to doctor in Hawaii in Janurary when it is -30C outside, they spend million on gifts (read bribes) to pharmacist, a relative of mine received a rolex because she did not carry a certain brand of generics...

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