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Comment It was a silly idea from the start anyhow (Score 1) 92

Directly sabotaging anything is illegal, but if you coerce me into two years of free consulting because you outsourced my job, the advice may not be the best, you know? There is going to be negative value in this.

Yes, I'm assuming their stated intent is just another PR lie from a terrible corporation.

Submission + - Don't Let Final Fantasy V Happen to You - Do HD Remakes the Right Way (

lars_doucet writes: Final Fantasy V just came out on Steam — a beloved classic game — only to showcase an art-style that fans and developers alike are criticizing for being rushed and sloppy.

It's not just a matter of questionable taste — the new game engine is a veritable laundry list of glaring technical flaws such as an awkward base resolution, tiling artifacts, and grossly mismatched art styles.

In response, game developer Lars Doucet lays out a lengthy and detailed list of best (and worst!) practices for "HD remakes":

Doing an HD Remake the Right Way

Comment For users it's black and white that ads = malware (Score 5, Insightful) 236

All ad networks serve up malware at multiple times. All of them. They can't help it. The Russians are more devious than they are, and more motivated - text-only ads are less dangerous, but even those have been compromised with scripting holes.

So as a user, you have to block ads or get pwned - removing Flash and Java helps a lot, but it's not sufficient.

Move to a Patreon or other microsubscription model - Dave Kellett (Sheldon) just did so after a bit of user request. He already had a Patreon, but wasn't highlighting it and was still running ads. So he did a 'replace the ads' drive and now I believe he's up to enough supporters to get rid of ads entirely. I subscribe to sites like Ars Technica for the same reason - I want to support them but am not willing to view their ads.

Then there's the entirely separate issue of bloat, like The Verge's terrible pages which are 10000 : 1 crap to content. But that's secondary to the malware.

Comment We'll never know - Japan's investigators are bad (Score 3, Insightful) 99

Japan's criminal justice system is terrible, just terrible.

Crime is very low to start with so police are mostly helpful cop on the corner type or worst case dealing with drunks, gropers, or teen prostitution (but they usually don't bother with that one). There are a very few 'elites' who handle the nasty stuff, and they have an extremely high conviction rate because once they finger you you're going to jail whether you did it or not. Prosecution, defense, and judge all go with that (the detective said so!), so the only thing up for debate, really, is the sentence. There's a grand jury for a few things but they're mostly go along go along too.

And they know nothing at all about technology. There was a thing two (?) years ago where some mother's apartment dwelling otaku freak was cancelling Kurko's Basketball (a popular manga/anime) events left and right for over a year and they couldn't do a damn thing about it. Eventually the freak got so cocky he got careless and did things like using messenger cats. My memory's a little hazy, but it went on seemingly forever and the cops were completely helpless. And they're terrible with corporate crime like this (the handling of the Olympus affair was a disgrace) since usually it's all a matter of what Japanese politicians you have in your pocket - but apparently Mt. Gox didn't have any. Whoops.

I think Karpeles did it, or at least someone close to him at Mt. Gox did it, because it's just entirely too fishy, but I don't think this will prove it.

Comment The AltaVista Page Sucked (Score 3, Informative) 172

Altavista had better results than Google for years, especially because you could use all sorts of search modifiers that Google didn't support till later like -no_pages_with_this_word or +must +have +all +these and logical operators.

But then as the leaders they got cocky and wanted to be a portal and filled up the page with so much crap and spam it hurt. Meanwhile Google's page was still just search box, go, I'm feeling lucky, and a few other tiny things.

That's why I switched after Google got good enough that they were comparable, NOT better. It was just less annoying. That's why most of the people I knew back then switched.

AltaVista realized too late what they'd done and tried to rebrand as 'Raging' with just a simple search page, but by then it was too late.

I'm sure the Google approach is much more scaleable but the article seems terribly confused and like it's trying to make some bizarre sense out of a cultural artifact from a time they can't comprehend.

Comment The bots are real and will message anything (Score 5, Informative) 311

KFI morning host Bill Handel created an Ashley Madison account:

        handle: smallpenis640
        weight: 220
        height: 4'4"
        picture: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

He had 3 interested 'women' messaging him in under an hour. And of course you have to pay to message back. This is where most of their money comes from.

Not sure what happened after that, but yeah, AM, all those 'real women' that 'really' use your site.

Comment It can barely manage non-split screen (Score 1) 147

From the bits of preview footage we've seen the game is already having a hard time even doing single screen at a fixed rate.

They're shooting (har) for 1080p, but they're using something called 'dynamic resolution' where various things are rendered at various resolutions depending on how important it thinks they are and what the frame rate is doing - you want it fixed at at least 30 fps, though 60 would be better. Basically a dynamic level of detail, which is a smart idea, but some things on the screen are noticably lo-res. For instance at some points your gun is in really high detail close up, but then halfway down the gun it periodically looks like it's rendered at 320x200 (seriously) before upscaling. This is noticeable even in motion, not just freeze frame.

I'm sure they're still optimizing, and you might not even notice much in the heat of shooting Covenant in the face, but it does imply that they just don't have the oomph to render two entire scenes at once at a decent frame rate. Split screen is the same total pixels (fill rate), but almost twice the amount of geometry to render.

Comment We already knew this - just more details (Score 2) 82

We already knew from previous leaks that AT&T was the telecom most eagerly cooperative with the NSA.

What this underscores is just how eager they were, taking NSA dicks in all holes and begging for more, *splort*ing packets all over their faces. HLARGHARLARGH.

All completely illegal and unconstitutional, thanks Dubya for getting this rolling and thanks Obama for covering their asses after the rock was turned over.

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