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Comment: It could cannibalize Linux desktop, that's it. (Score 1) 393

by Sarusa (#49071009) Attached to: PC-BSD: Set For Serious Growth?

You could cannibalize some Linux desktop installs.

But it will never be The Year of the *nix on Everyone's Desktop until you get devs and UI people who actually have any idea how normal clueless users work (or even care) and completely shelter them from the *nix underneath. That's anathema to normal *nix devs, so it would take someone like Apple to do it again. But even there almost no OSX users have any clue they're using BSD, and the giving is all one way -> BSD to Apple. Is it really The Year of BSD on the Desktop when nobody knows or cares? If so, it's already here.

It's a pride thing. You want to think that because your OS is so superior under the covers that everyone should be using it and it'll get more of the press it deserves. So you want everyone using it as their desktop and knowing they're doing so, even Mom or your teen kids. But swca dislike that Mom or the kids just want to /use/ it and not RTFM (YMomMV), so we're incapable of making a GUI/application suite that's so amazing they'll feel they have to convert. Even the desperate 'but it's free!' hasn't made a big difference.

So if you want to make a great *nix desktop for yourself, that's great! But thinking you're going to get a random person who thinks the big box is 'the cpu' to use it is just expensive vanity, and has been for almost 20 years. It just leads you to things like Unity.

Besides, even now, five years from 2020, casual users can get everything they need from mobile or web already.

Comment: Can't solve this social problem with an extension (Score 4, Insightful) 94

by Sarusa (#49015739) Attached to: The Bizarre and Complex Story of a Failed Wikipedia Software Extension

Wikipedia editors are highly territorial, infighting, nitpicking, hairtrigger frothing mad. You can't solve that with an extension, as much as you'd like to think that everything is app-able. Software just makes people even more polarized.

Comment: He thinks gravity is a conspiracy too (Score 1) 958

by Sarusa (#48965647) Attached to: Science's Biggest Failure: Everything About Diet and Fitness

He's got huge bones to pick with scientists because they argue with him about his gravity conspiracies and how wishing for something hard enough makes it true. Some funny comics, but he's a complete loon.

I remember how shocked and disappointed I was, since 'Dilbert Future' was the first 'book' book of his I'd read - and the last!


Comment: 'Linux?' (Score 4, Insightful) 89

by Sarusa (#48779981) Attached to: Linux Controls a Gasoline Engine With Machine Learning

Oh come on - I like Linux and use it for my servers and even some RTOS... but 'Linux' has almost nothing to do with that. It'd work just as well on any RTOS. Would you give credit to Windows for every single freaking program that can run on it?

Something like 'Raspberry Pi Controls a Gasoline Engine With Machine Learning Using Eigen
C++ Matrix Library' would be far more descriptive.

Comment: This works for anything (Score 1) 73

by Sarusa (#48655715) Attached to: Problem Solver Beer Tells How Much To Drink To Boost Your Creativity

Bowling, video games, coding, homework, conversation, even speaking a foreign language - you'll do better on one beer (YMMV as to amount).

The hard part is stopping or spacing it out enough. Because after that it's all downhill. Except maybe the conversation, and that's probably an illusion.

Comment: Notification and Alarms, Subtlety (Score 1) 232

by Sarusa (#48628697) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?

This is the #1 case for something like a Pebble right now.
- Put all your notifications on your wrist. Email, caller id, SMS.
- Reject calls from your watch!
- Never have to unlock your phone again - it's tied to the watch.
- Canned responses from your watch.
- SILENCE your phone. You can't miss the buzz on your wrist, so now you won't be that ass whose phone is whistling every 10 seconds.
- Likewise, you cannot miss the buzz on your wrist for alarms, no matter how noisy it is.
- Navigation and music control on your watch.

People always go on about 'oh but your phone is right there!' But it's all about the user experience. Pebble: *buzz* I glance over, in meeting, okay - good to know, no need to answer. 2 seconds. Nobody even knows that happened. Or I discretely hit a button to send an 'OK'. Phone: *phone whistles or maybe I was thoughtful enough to put it face down so it just buzzes on the table* Now I pull it out of pocket or flip it over on table, unlock it (or are you just putting notifications on the lock screen, insecurely?), oh, okay. I didn't need to read that now, but didn't know that till I read it. Put it back down. 5-10 seconds, a lot of motion and being a dick to everyone around you.

It's like SSDs. You don't *need* an SSD. So I tried telling people for 5 years how they transform your computer, but oh *PISH POSH* till they actually get one and never want to go back.

Comment: Comes pre-backdoored by the NSA (Score 1) 72

This is horrifying - how gullible do you have to be to back and trust this? It's such a big fat juicy target for the NSA (or FBI or Russian hackers or any other group of
miscreants). It's a 'spy on me!' box for the people they most want to spy on. If they have the full help of the company then they can add cheap hardware to the build so that even if you completely wipe and reflash the main partition their stuff still runs. Even if the company were legit, all you need is one guy or one pwned computer inside it.

A couple years ago you'd be crazy paranoid to think they'd bother, but post-Snowden we know they have the time, the interest, and unlimited resources.

Comment: Snapchat is fundamentally insecure (Score 1) 90

by Sarusa (#48116487) Attached to: Snapchat Says Users Were Victimized By Their Use of Third-Party Apps

The 3rd party apps only even worked because Snapchat is hideously insecure and has been from day one. It stored the pictures unencrypted on the device and didn't even bother actually erasing them (just moved them to another folder!). It's since improved slightly, but it's a fundamentally insecure design and they're apparently being too disruptive and innovative to fix it.

Comment: Facebook is full of s@#4 (Score 1) 305

by Sarusa (#48065775) Attached to: The Single Vigilante Behind Facebook's 'Real Name' Crackdown

I apologize for the semi-offensive subject, but nothing else I tried was as accurate or clear.

There's no 'lone actor' or 'rogue account' forcing them to do this. This is THEIR OWN POLICY. Claiming someone else 'forced' them to do it is standard corporate/military/law enforcement weaseling. 'The officer's gun was discharged 30 times into the suspect.' Well darn, that poor officer with his gun going off like that and all.

Total damage control bullcrap.

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