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Comment Why would you want to save HP? (Score 1) 126

HPs problems aren't due to high level leadership issues, the platforms it's promoting or how it's getting to the market. The problem with HP is that they produce utter crap, and have support that makes me want to scratch my eyes out. That is, once you dig through a few pages and manage to finally figure out how to contact their support. In my most recent interaction they were absolutely useless in helping me and got my name wrong.

I'm typing this on an HP computer that is absolutely LOADED with bloatware. I cant figure out how to get rid of this junk that keeps popping up, requesting to update, requesting to this that and the other. Next to it is an HP printer that literally came out of the box and has refused to admit that I put ink cartridges in it. I've tried everything to get this printer working and HP support has been absolutely useless so far.

Let HP suffer a horrible death, and let the free market learn that producing shoddy products and/or pushing computers out with proprietary crapware is bad business.

Comment Re:I see your free software and raise you? (Score 1) 417

I gave up on Windows. I recently got a Mac so I could try my hand at developing for the iPhone and I love this thing. It's just right. I left Vista for XP after a slew of problems, but comparing either to OSX is like rotting fish to cologne. Sure, both are smelly, but....

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