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Comment: Their hearts are in the right place, but... (Score 1) 182

by jcr (#49335901) Attached to: New Bill Would Repeal Patriot Act

The PATRIOT act is not a law at all, it is an act of usurpation. Statutes passed by the congress can't trump the constitution, and the PATRIOT act obviously violates the fourth and fifth amendments.

While I'm happy that Rep. Massie is trying to do the things he promised when I supported his campaign, the only solution to the FBI/CIA/NSA fiasco is to abolish all three agencies, prosecute every person involved with the crimes that Snowden made us aware of, and prohibit all the rest of them from ever being employed by the taxpayers again, since they failed to turn in the criminals around them.


Comment: Re:asdf (Score 1) 107

Please tell me you're not planning to stay FULL RETARD.

Doctors can't see your medical records unless you sign a release and allow them access, usually by joining their practice as a patient.

Only after that, can they request your records from your previous doctors and only then will they be provided, usually by mail.

The NSA on the other hand, probably has them in a database and at their fingertips already. Which ones you ask? ALL of them (that are in electronic medical record clouds).

If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious.